Music artist Moli releases his first single of the year “12 Ways I see Myself, a track focusing on Mental Health

Mumbai, 14th January 2022: Music artist Moli releases his first single of the year “12 Ways I See Myself”. 12 Ways I see myself, as the name suggests looks into the many ways we look at ourselves and how the surrounding world looks at us. It is about the mind of a person suffering through a mental problem called schizophrenia, more than that one can say that it’s an introspective journey into one’s own self and existence. In a state of vulnerability and less consciousness about one’s own self, we tend to fear and resent the very same thing that bothers us, 12 ways I see myself takes you to a place of acceptance for your own self. The music video officially released out on the 14th of January 2022.

Check out the track here:

Moli says “12 ways I see myself, is a deep insight to a part of Moli’s mind, the part that most are afraid to accept and realise. 12 ways is written about the acceptance of one’s own darkness and un-conventionalities through not knowing one’s own self initially, the image of the self being blur forming into strength with the discovery of the self. Often human beings run from their truth and fear the unknown, but where will you run when the unknown is within. Eventually you will have to stand up and face your own darkness, coming to term with the self that was earlier illusionary. Moli suffers from mild Brain mania, as a child Moli wasn’t able to differentiate between the mind’s hallucinatory figments and reality of this 3rd dimensional world. As the Brain matures there are certain revelations that the soul experiences. This song is a journey to find the self that’s hidden in the hesitations of the societal human. This Track is a very personal experience most refrain from, hoping that the world will accept the importance of embracing one’s own condition. It is also a campaign for mental health with its self”.



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