Mother-Son Duo, Kavita and Kanishk Seth drop Emotional upbeat heartbreak song “Zakhm Purana”

Mumbai, 10th May 2024: Following the resounding success of their previous hits such as “Rang Saari” and “Saawre Aijiyho,” the dynamic mother-son duo, Kavita Seth and Kanishk Seth, unveils their latest single – “Zakhm Purana.”

Sung and composed by the duo, “Zakhm Purana” translates to an old wound. This musical masterpiece delves deep into the realms of lost love, capturing the tender bruises, bone-deep aches, and unhealed scars left behind.

Talking about the song, Kavita Seth shares, “Working with Kanishk has always been a pleasure. Beyond being my son, he’s a remarkable producer and a great singer. His deep understanding of my music enhances our creative synergy. I vividly recall the inception of our latest song; a simple hum evolved into something extraordinary through our shared vision. I am extremely excited for Zakhm Purana as this song gives a different sonic experience for a heartbreak track.”

With haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, “Zakhm Purana” evokes a profound sense of melancholic nostalgia, immersing listeners in a whirlwind of past memories that suffocate and stifle like a recurring nightmare.

Watch the song here:

Kanishk Seth adds, “While heartbreak songs often accompany slow melodies, I sought to infuse ‘Zakhm Purana’ with a fresh and distinctive energy. The upbeat rhythm was born from this desire for innovation. My mother, Kavita Seth, lent her voice seamlessly to encapsulate the essence of the track. I am confident that listeners will resonate with this unconventional take on the classic heartbreak narrative.”

Kavita Seth’s profound and resonant vocals carry the weight of years gone by, while Kanishk Seth’s equally powerful voice weaves harmonies that linger in the mind, resonating with the longing of a love that could have been.

The accompanying music video evokes deep feelings of melancholic nostalgia, a feeling of falling headfirst into a wormhole of memories. The video highlights the contrast of a happy past with an unhappy present and a heady mix that it creates in a person’s mind, leaving you feeling helpless.

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