MassQline releases a new track “Jeena” Ft. Arohi with Found Out Records

A hip-hop romantic tale that captures the different phases of relationships

24th August’22: MassQline, a rapper and music producer, has released a new track titled ‘Jeena’ ft. Arohi Dixit with Found Out Records. The song tells the story of a relationship and its various stages with a fresh and experimental sound and visuals with creative amination.

Watch the video song here:

Jeena has a distinct sound that combines hip-hop and R&B with elements of future bass and hybrid trap. The music video depicts the progression of love between two people, beginning with romance and excitement and advancing through the stages of vulnerability, trust, and companionship before taking an unexpected turn at the end. Rohan Bhatia, the animator, created the video in partly psychedelic endeavours to highlight evolutionary, spiritual, and philosophical aspects of love and life.

MassQline wrote, composed, and produced the entire track during the 2020 lockdown, but his search for the best singer to fit the song ended when Arohi arrived for the recording and her voice perfectly complemented the song.

MassQline is a Jaipur-based rapper and music producer who has been producing and rapping for the past 9 years. He’s proficient in producing and writing music in Hindi, Punjabi, and English. His distinct style combines classical and folk music with hip-hop and electronic dance music.

Talking about the song MassQline says, “Jeena is a very special song to me, and I’ve been looking for the right voice for it since 2020.” I recorded many artists, but none of them were able to provide the perfect vibe I was looking for until Arohi appeared. She’d only been in the studio for an hour, but her voice was perfect. I’m thankful to have worked with Found Out Records and to have been given this wonderful opportunity.”

Arohi Dixit says, “Jeena is a great track and I’m overjoyed that this song is being released on Universal Music India’s Found Out records. MassQline is a stellar artist, and I am grateful to him for giving me this incredible opportunity.”

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