Manan Bhardwaj & Vishal Pandey create a visual & sonic beauty with Meiyang Chang, ‘Back To College’

Manan Bhardwaj, Vishal Pandey and Meiyang Chang have recently collaborated for ‘Back To College’. It is a song about friendship and the ever lasting bond that sustains the test of times. Relatable at all levels, beautifully composed and artistically shot, ‘Back To College’ will leave you stumped in many ways. We had an interaction with Manan and Vishal to know their thoughts, their connection and their bond together for and during this song. Here are the excerpts:

Firstly, this song has a very beautiful video story to it. Tell us something about it

Manan: The video was conceptualised by the team of artists that have been roped in for this song. With the lyrics at the backdrop, the team crafted a story. Also, I must share, once the video concept was created, I had to add a set of new lyrics to the song to do justice with this beautiful story telling.

Watch the song here:

This song has a lot of emotions to it. Tell us about this song and your general approach towards lyricism

Manan: All my songs are out of either my experience or the experiences of the people and environment I am into. This song also stems from there. Forcing lyrics does not, somehow, bring about authenticity to songs. There are of course instances when you have to write lyrics to a story line, but if the story line appeals to you, you can pen very good lyrics. This song in particular, is also about narrating a story coming from the environment I am in.

Photo Credit: Manan Bhradwaj’s Instagram

Singer songwriter composer, what else?

Manan: Apart from singing, song writing and composing, I have done a bit of direction in the past. For now, I am a 100% focussed on making a mark for myself in the music industry, however, there will definitely be a time when I would like to try my hand at direction again. Directing a film will be an amazing opportunity when it comes.

How did the collaboration between three of you, Manan-Vishal-Meiyang, shape up?

Manan: I am a T Series artist and have been working with them for a long time. When this song was being conceptualised, the directors and the team figured out the cast of the video. When I saw the work of Vishal Pandey, I was amazed to look at his craft and popularity. It is mind blowing. Meiyang Chang is anyway an amazing artist with a proven track record over years!

Vishal: For me, when I got a call from T Series, it was a good to go from the start. We found a good rhythm between the three of us from the word go. The story behind the song is also something that resonates with me very well. It was a pretty cool collaboration for me overall.

Photo Credit: Vishal Pandey’s Instagram

What’s your take on actors going for video songs as the another platform for testing their craft?

Vishal: If I talk about me, I have done about 32 songs so far as an actor. It appeals to me in a way that it is a short form of storytelling. You have around 3-4 minutes and the entire plot line is woven around this time. It is exciting to me and gives me, as well as many others, a platform to explore our talents.

What is your take on the possibility of new artists taking over contemporary?

Vishal: I don’t think new artists are taking over, but definitely they are right there. At the end of it, it will be about what is being composed and shot. Audience will like good content from both contemporary and new artists.

Manan: The industry is evolving at a rapid pace. With digitalisation, there are many new faces but at the same time it is difficult to reach and break out. New artists are definitely making a mark but at the same time, they are influenced by the generation earlier.

Photo Credit: Manan Bhardwaj’s Instagram

What are your next projects with T Series?

Manan: Being a T Series artist, there are quite a few projects lined up. With a few movies and non film releases coming up, 2023 looks to be very promising to me. Satya Prem Ki Katha teaser has released a while back, and I have sung a song for Kartik Aryan. I feel very grateful to T Series to give me an opportunity to be a playback singer for a mighty star like Kartik Aryan. More film and non-film projects are lined up, will share the details soon.

Tell us about your Bhushan Kumar experience

Manan: I think I am quite blessed that Bhushan Kumar Ji takes a keen interest in my work. He guides me with his experience and shares his inputs where he feels I can do better. There have been instances where he has called me late in the night to ask the intended meaning of some lyrics and gave his suggestions to improvise. That’s the kind of involvement he generally also has in his work. He has been a great motivating factor for me overall.

Vishal: I haven’t had a first-hand interaction with Bhushan Kumar Ji, mine is largely limited to being engaged with the team at T Series. I would love to interact with him for sure. My closest call with him came when I saw him moving through a street in his super cool Rolls Royce! That was also like a fan moment for me.

Photo Credit: Vishal Pandey’s Instagram

What do you think of T Series creating non film music platform?

Manan: With a label like T Series, you know you are in good hands. They know the industry, been there since ages, and have a great team at work. As an artist, your reach and recognition gets a boost while working with a brand like T Series. It has helped me and at the same time many other artists too.

Well, ‘Back To College’ has been a great success story and has, in a way, touched every heart and soul, whoever has viewed the song. We will be looking forward to more such work from Manan, till then, keep streaming and keep loving ‘Back To College’!

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