Malayali rap-stars Parimal Shais, MC Couper, Thirumali, and Hanumankind present a perfect blend southside hip hop culture with ‘Ayyayyo’

Mumbai, 21st September 2023: Def Jam, a leading force in the music industry, is thrilled to announce the release of “Ayyayyo,” a ground-breaking collaboration featuring some of the most exciting artists in the hip-hop and rap scene today. The song brings forth a unique blend of southside hip hop with an earthy touch of Malayali with English. This highly anticipated track, featuring hard hitting verses by Southern India’s three influential emcees –MC Couper, Thirumali and Hanumankind, has finally dropped and has created waves amongst the hip hop lovers.

Watch the song here:

“Ayyayyo” promises to be a sure-shot hit as it brings together the unique talents of these four remarkable artists. Each of them have already made a significant mark in the industry, and their collaboration on this track is nothing short of explosive. The music video showcases the raw culture and local vibe of Kerala with head banging music and exciting lyrics. While Parimal the producer, draws influence from South India’s traditional folk instrument Nadaswaram and flips its distinct Indian classical melody on his signature bass & trap beats, the young emcees MC Couper, Thirumali and  Hanumankind drop their most unbothered and lethal verses yet on the record.

“Ayyayyo” is a testament to the power of collaboration, as these four artists come together to create a sonic masterpiece that transcends boundaries and genres. The track resembles a vivid expression of freedom which pays homage to Malabar’s traditional music and disrupts it at the same time. It is a fusion of diverse styles, languages blending traditional hip-hop elements with modern beats and melodies.

“I’m always on a journey to infuse my art with the rich flavours of South India that I’ve grown up with, constantly exploring new avenues. What could be more fitting than uniting some of the finest artists from Kerala, my brothers – MC Couper, Hanumankind, and Thirumali – on a single track? I used traditional Kerala folk instruments like the Nadaswaram and Kurumkuzhal to add some bounce with the bass that sits well with their surreal flow.

The video, directed by Lendrick Kumar, aptly encapsulates and shares our essence and culture with the world. Huge shoutout to the amazing team at Def Jam India for their support. Greater things are coming up!” says Parimal

Expressing his enthusiasm, MC Couper shared, “Ayyayyo is all about unbridled aggression. It’s a nod to all the battles we’ve had to brave to finally reach a place where you’re now able to link up with the best of the best. Also at a meta level, it’s all about the Southside boys taking over.”

“We were all thugging in the song lyrically. Showing off our lyrical masculinity and telling the world to not mess with us.  Apart from that it was all fun working with the team. It’s a dream team actually. When you make a song with the best of the bests from the South Indian Hip hop scene, you must deliver your best. That was the first thought came to my mind while working on the song. The beat slaps so hard, so the verses should hit them listener’s ears like they never heard before. It seems like I am dissing everyone who listen to it, but it should also feel enjoyable as well. That’s how I wrote something rude in a groovy flow. MC Couper delivered some amazing lyrics and flow, HMK gave me goosebumps and Parimal delivered one classic South Indian beat. Southside till we die”, said Thirumali

“Ayyayyo is a track that came to be so naturally. Everybody on is a friend who I respect both personally and artistically. The kind of bounce Parimal brought out on this beat had us all having a good time putting it together, the man knows how to bring it out of us. Me working on a Malayalam track was long overdue, and this was the best way to do it in my opinion. Shoutout to Def Jam India, there’s more on the way.” expressed Hanumankind.

Ayyayyo is definitely going to blow away audience’s minds by its musical brilliance. This release is a testimony to the creativity and innovation thriving in today’s hip-hop scene, and it’s a moment that should not be missed.

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