‘Life’ is a culmination of Aneesha’s expansive music tastes and her desire not to be boxed

Mumbai, 6th October 2023: Popular music artist Aneesha releases her latest track ‘Life’. Unafraid to try something new, ‘Life’ is a culmination of Aneesha’s expansive music tastes and her desire not to be boxed into one genre. Having the creative freedom to explore and develop her sound is highlighted throughout ‘Life’, as Aneesha masterfully combines her native Hindi tongue with heavy hitting beats, creating a dance-pop track guaranteed to resonate with audiences across the globe.

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With the hope of bringing electronic music to the forefront of the Indian music scene, Aneesha’s decision to select singing in Hindi has opened a gateway for Indian audiences to experience something new. Already leaving her mark on the female music producer community within India, the highly anticipated release of ‘Life’ is set to propel Aneesha into the spotlight as she continues to deliver a refreshing and accessible take on a fusion of traditional and modern genres. Inspired by artists such as John Mayer and underground grunge and industrial artists like Kito, HVOB and Rusha & Blizza; Aneesha has diversified her sound to carve her own space across a plethora of genres.

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Bright, bouncy, and brimming with bubbly beats, former child psychologist turned music producer Aneesha has been drumming up some serious noise across the Indian music scene with her vast sonic palette and fresh approach to production. Crafting her own unique blend of pop, R&B and electronic music, Aneesha has established herself as one of the most innovative female producers who solely constructs all of her music. Breaking the current moulds of the stereotypical Indian singer-songwriter and music producer, Aneesha’s ability to effortlessly combine her soulful vocals and lyrical storytelling with electronic timbres has left fans eagerly awaiting more music. New single ‘Life’ is a testament to Aneesha’s distinctive sound, as she pushes the boundaries of her soundscape like never before.

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