Left Turn breaks through the scene with debut EP ‘IRADA’

Marks 2 years for the Hindi Pop Rock Band

Mumbai, May 1st, 2021: Independent Hindi pop-rock Band ‘Left Turn’ announce the release of their Debut EP ‘IRADA’. After releasing 4 singles over the past 2 years, band members Suraag, Jairaj, Reagan & Sasmit have released music that’s kept them awake for the last 7 months. They have recorded over 12 songs to be released through 2021.

The first of their releases is the launch of this EP – A 4 track anthology by Left Turn that looks back and reflects on the moments that shape us and our personalities. The music cycles through the feeling of falling in love, the feeling of someone being so close and yet so far, the feeling of first times. The story of the music is deep rooted in nostalgia and holding on to precious memories that help shape us and our character.

Suraag Subhedar, Lead vocals & guitar said, “The EP for us is a walk through our emotions, our lives and how we were influenced as people”.

Jairaj Joshi, Drums adds, “For us the story line is a part of who we are and how we feel”.

Sasmit Rudra, Keys sends a message, “This EP is a start to everything we have to offer this year”.

Reagan D’mello, Bass & Engineer mentions, “We’ve been excited to get the songs out to people and understand how they feel about our music.’

The track listing includes #01 Pyaar Ho Gaya | #02 Tum Mili | #03 Irada | #04 Maan Jaa. The 4 tracks are layered in emotions that reflect in some oddly familiar feelings that all of us have felt over the years. To play further on the nostalgia, the band recorded the EP in a traditional setting, all band members in a home studio set up, playing minus the metronome, mixed by Akash Sawant, the recordings were then sent over to Abbey Road Studios for master. The EP is a story being portrayed through the songs #01 ‘Pyaar Ho Gaya’ talks about the first time we meet someone special in college to #02 ‘Tum Mili’ talking about being friend zoned by someone we couldn’t stop thinking about. Through #03 ‘Irada’ the showcase idea is that it’s not always a bad experience, some of us have had the luck of being able to go on a date that one time and later through #04 ‘Maan Jaa’ they showcase that longing of wanting her back.

The EP is out now on all major streaming platforms. This will be followed by an Official Music Video to one of the tracks. While, originally scheduled to tour 6 cities with the EP, the band is working with management to announce dates based on lockdown guideline updates in each state.

EP Credits:

Composed, Written and Performed by Left Turn

Left Turn is: Suraag Subhedar, Jairaj Joshi, Sasmit Rudra, Reagan Dmello

Mixed by Akash Sawant

Mastered by Alex Wharton (Abbey Road Studios, London)

Left Turn is a Hindi Pop Rock band that brings together unique experiences into each of its songs. The band writes easy going music on simple things from their lives. As a band they express all these mixed emotions through new original music. In the past few years, they have travelled the world, fallen in and out of love and have had some truly life changing moments.  The four band members regularly tour with artists like Shreya Ghoshal, Harshdeep Kaur, Ayushmann Khurrana, Arjun Kanungo, Ash King, Kailash Kher & more. To follow their work – linktr.ee/leftturn

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