Latest chill hop single “Sukoon” by Faizan, yungwaris and Lonekat released on 15th August,

Mumbai, 17th August 2021: Delhi based singer Faizan, rapper Lonekat, and Lucknow based singer yungwaris have announced the release of their upcoming collaboration track titled “Sukoon”. The track was released on the 15th of August 2021 on all the
major music streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music & YouTube.

Created right between the first two waves of the covid-19 pandemic, “Sukoon” is what the name suggests: An attempt to find solace in exacerbating fragile situations. “Sukoon” is a laid-back chill-hop track which amalgamates yungwaris’s & Faizan’s mellow vocals alongside Lonekat’s eclectic style of rapping. “The best meaning of Sukoon for me would mean to be at peace with Isolation that began in 2020. Somehow three people at peace with their isolation just got together and got a dose of dopamine amidst a mad time. Created something and again went back to their isolation”, Lonekat as he describes the vision behind the song.

Alongside this main theme, various topics are weaved into the song, such as peer pressure, social anxiety and Lonekat’s fascination with baking a cake. “People are often occupied with chasing such huge things, that they usually forget how these little moments impact our lives. And then such situations arise that teach us the importance of those placid moments. Sukoon is also about those little moments of peace that reverberate the most in stressful scenarios” as Waris explains.

Since its genesis, “Sukoon” always meant to be a homegrown, DIY project. Created in a time where chaos was running amok, yungwaris, Faizan & Lonekat came together and created the song at Lonekat’s home in south Delhi. The track’s production & engineering was done by Faizan and Alchemii, the video direction & illustration for the cover art are handled by yungwaris & Lonekat, respectively. On their DIY approach Faizan says “We never wanted the essence to disappear, the vision we had can only be executed with perfection as long as we had complete control over the procedure. Upar se paise kam the yaar”.

yungwaris, a student of Jamia Millia Islamia, Mohammad Waris Ansari is a 20 year old singer-songwriter and video creator based in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. Waris started off by making YouTube videos as a kid, and got introduced to the Indian music scene around 2019, and has since then created videos for artists such as Hanita Bhambri, Seedhe Maut, Badshah, Ahmer and Dhanji. Being surrounded with friends in the hip-hop scene, Waris soon discovered a liking in singing and writing songs and has been making music since then. He also directs and edits his own music videos, Sukoon being the second music video of his.
Faizan, a graduate in Japanese, FaiChan aka Faizan is an up and coming singer and music producer based in Delhi. Faichan got exposed to Hip-Hop while working with Bangalore based rapper Agaahi Raahi and started his journey as a producer. A motivated self-learner, he started churning out beat after beat, slowly making his way into the scene he’d been fascinated with for years. Inspired by producers like Nujabes & J Dilla, he finally debuted as a producer in late 2020, Faizan has worked alongside multiple artists such as Agaahi Raahi, Akx, Nex aka Pasha Bhai and many more. Faichan is currently working with a co-operative called J Block with artists like Lonekat, Adam Bo, Alchemii, Waris and Natiq who handle all the visual and sonic aspects of music.

Siddharth aka Lonekat is a graphic artist/ rapper/ singer and producer from Assam but based in Delhi. He received his musical and vocal training from his mother. He began to find his learnings from the artists he began to idolize like Rakim, KRS-One, Nas and A Tribe Called Quest. The politics of his time began to show heavily in his approach towards music and song writing. He worked intensely with his collaborator Adam Bo, another artist from Delhi and they together laid the initial idea for Jblock – a space where artists and people come together to share ideas, work and create together. Still in a pursuit to find a sound for himself he is a firm believer that time will eventually make him aware of it. Because time is all he has with his nine lives.

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