Kreative Nitin’s track “Paisa Nahin Dene Ka” gives a very relevant message to the society

Mumbai, 29th September 2022: After releasing songs like Yaara O Yaara, Milna Hai, Tu Rota Kyun Nahi and more, indie music artist Kreative Nitin recently released his single “Paisa Nahin Dene Kaa”. This song has a beautifully shot music video which showcases his thought behind beggars in this country. In a Way he gives a solution to the problem referring to verses from Bhagvad Geeta.

Watch the song here:

Kreative Nitin says “This dates back to July 2019. I have a routine of having coconut water every day in the morning. I saw small children begging for money and their mother or leader sitting nearby collecting the same. Many a times I tried offering them coconut water or food from a nearby stall but except a few times they would not accept it. I saw similar things near a temple, mosque and traffic lights so I started thinking about it. I faced the dilemma every day, whether to give or not. In order to find the right answer I resorted to “Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta” and then I wrote a blog.  Later I converted the thought into a song as soon as the solution occurred to me, which was “Paisa Nahi Dene Kaa”.

A businessman by profession and a musician at heart, he likes to express through his songs. Meaningful lyrics, soulful music and heart-warming emotion are some of the essential elements of his work. Nitin started his musical journey in December 2018 with his first Single “Yaara O Yaara” which talks about Friends, Reunion and that one friend who would never answers the phone or calls back! It also talks about, how we have lost our work-life balance and are so busy that we don’t even get time to meet our friends. He released his 2nd single “Tu Rota Kyun Nahin” in April 2019 which talks about heart- break and getting over it. It encourages the listeners to cry it out and move on in life.

Nitin’s 3rd single “Milna Hai” was in September 2019. This song is a cute little story of love at first sight, subsequent engagement and the longing and sweet dreams during the courtship period. He has released 10 singles so far, 10th being “Paisa Nahi Dene Kaa” is which is based upon his blog “Beggar by destiny or by choice”. Check it out and have fun!

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