Kashmira Khot releases her first single, “Break Through”

Mumbai, 24th June, 2021: Kashmira, 21, is a singer-songwriter from Pune, India. Originally trained in light Indian music, her interest has always been in Western music. Her influences are spread out in different genres, Pearl Jam, Queen, Adele, Celine Dion, Rihanna, U2, etc.

About the song she says, “I wrote this song in October, while making major decisions for myself, while changing how my life was, how I was- as a person, while finally being my own person. There’s a lot of things we all have to change about ourselves, knowingly or unknowingly. I believe we have to be in charge of who we are and try and be a better version of ourselves, everyday. Improve ourselves, for our own sake, if not other’s. To be your own parent, your own guide, your own friend- to hear yourself out- for once”.

She further adds, “This one’s to changing your vision and dreams, being afraid of it, worrying about the pain it causes, and yet again, asking someone to wait on these fears, while you go face these changes for good. I think when we’re changing ourselves, we mistake ourselves for being easy to Break-apart. Changing is a tough process and it is NOT weak”.

About how the song shaped up she says, “This song came through to me in a flow. The words, the chords, the composition, it came together piece-by-piece. And I couldn’t be happier that I shared it with Mayank, who made this song happen. He plays a tremendously important role in making this song, and I’m grateful that he’s with me in this process”.

The song is available on YouTube, the link of the song is below:

You can also check out the song on streaming platforms at https://ditto.fm/break-through-kashmira

“Break Through”

Written, Composed, Arranged, Sung by- Kashmira Khot

Production, Post-production, Electric guitar, Bass guitar- Mayank Katare

Drums- Saurabh Lodha

Photo by: Soham Joshi

Cover designed by: Shreya Khadilkar


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