Joy Sengupta’s ‘Pariyon Ki Duniya’ feat. Hansika Pareek is a musical experience

Mumbai, 19th May 2024: Music composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Joy Sengupta has released his debut track, Pariyon Ki Duniya featuring the soulful vocals of Hansika Pareek. This enchanting composition offers a unique fusion of Indian classical elements and contemporary music sensibilities, promising a mesmerizing musical experience. Pariyon Ki Duniya transcends boundaries, immersing listeners in a world of ethereal melodies and heartfelt emotions.

With poignant lyrics penned by Pinky Poonawala, this track is poised to resonate with audiences of all generations. Joy Sengupta’s musical genius shines through in Pariyon ki Duniya, where intricate guitar riffs blend seamlessly with lush instrumentation, showcasing his exceptional talent and creativity. Drawing from his diverse background, including his tenure as a software developer at Infosys, Joy infuses this debut with a distinct blend of skill and passion.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track he says, “I have been playing sessions for songs for quite a while in the industry and always had a dream of releasing my original content someday. Pariyon ki Duniya started off as a sweet guitar riff that I composed for my wife. Eventually, I added a beautiful old Bollywood era melody on top with some orchestral arrangements and lofi beats. The song is about a teenage girl who falls head over heels for her prince charming and goes into a dream where they dance on the clouds and have a moment that can best be described as a fairytale.

Having honed his craft as a guitarist in Chennai and performed with luminaries like Purbayan Chatterjee and Taufiq Qureshi, Joy Sengupta brings a wealth of experience to Pariyon Ki Duniya. His versatile musical abilities were further demonstrated during his time with the acclaimed folk band, The Raghu Dixit Project, where he showcased his talents as a multi-instrumentalist.

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