‘Jiyara’ by Sourav Dey and Satwik Tripathy celebrates human strength

Mumbai, 25th February 2024: Sourav Dey and Satwik Tripathy have released their latest song ‘Jiyara’. The song beautifully blends Indian classical melodies with rock rhythms. It tells a powerful story about a young woman facing social injustice and the consequences of gossip and celebrates the quest for one’s own battles and the everlasting power of the human spirit. The song is composed by Sourav and Satvik, sung by Sourav and the lyrics of the track are penned by Vinita Mishra.

Watch the song here:

The music reflects her journey, starting with a restless energy that builds to a strong climax, mirroring her struggles and resilience. The sitar and guitar play key roles, representing her inner conflicts and determination to overcome challenges. The track is a violent, poignant story that explores the social injustices and harmful consequences of female defamation. Her restlessness is mirrored in the melodies, which rise to a forceful crescendo. Her inner conflicts are shown by the sitar’s powerful sound, while her ability to bounce back from setbacks is demonstrated by the guitar’s dominant tones. The music represents her hardships as it arcs across a dissonant environment and climbs to a resonant peak.

Speaking about the track Sourav says, “Satwik and I had always wanted to collaborate on a song, and the lockdown gave us the opportunity to do so. After exchanging several ideas, we finally came up with Jiyara’s idea. I sent Satwik my voice notes at first with a completely different format. However, Satwik really caught me off guard when he completely altered the song’s opening line, and that struck a chord with me and kept me interested in the song. I had some rough ideas about the words and ideas we wanted in the song while we were writing it. The movie “Bulbbul,” which had just come out and starred Tripti Dimri and Rahul Bose, deeply influenced me; the concluding scenes especially stuck with me. Subsequently, Vinita and I collaborated on the song’s lyrics, and her insightful input inspired me to give the song my all during our performance. The song’s aggressive yet sympathetic vocal delivery was greatly enhanced by the lyrics. We took great care to maintain our integrity throughout the process and took pleasure in every step of creating a sound that fits the idea. Nothing can be bigger than this if we are successful in reaching the brave souls through this song”.

Adding to it Satvik says, “In addition to what Sourav mentioned, this song really put us to the test. The song took three years to produce, and even though the majority of the work was finished last year, we were still not satisfied with the way the song sounded. We had new ideas and discussions every day, which also helped us become more clear. Following that, several layers were eliminated. We also appreciate Mehtab, the sitar player, for performing the song. You would hear the song again because of his solo, which would undoubtedly stand out. Overall, I believe that writing this brought back happy memories for us. We are eager to finish writing our next song, which is extremely different from this one as well”.

Ultimately, “Jiyara” becomes a track celebrating human strength. Its message of resilience and empowerment resonates with listeners worldwide, reminding us of music’s ability to unite and inspire.

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