Jehaan’s ‘Juliet’ is bound to move you

Mumbai, 25th July 2023: 15-year-old Mumbai boy Jehaan just released his new autobiographical single “Juliet” last weekend. As before, this super talented teen has written the evocative lyrics, composed the heart wrenching soundtrack, played the piano in it and sung it, of course. Simon Reid Music does a brilliant job of producing the track with the incredible vocals up front and centre.

Watch the song here:

‘Juliet’ encapsulates, within three minutes, what it is like to be a teenager in a long distance relationship, with a huge time difference, with the odds of circumstance stacked against you. 

Jehaan delivers a mature and moving performance that has left many listeners in tears. The video for the song was shot on the phone in London, and in order to maintain as much authenticity as possible, in some shots Jehaan was not aware he was being filmed. Give it a listen and you’ll be wowed by this rising star!

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