Indie artist Aseem recently released his first single from his upcoming album “Pehchaan”

Mumbai, 7th October 2022: Indie artist Assem recently released his first single called “Dekhoon Jidhar Bhi” from his upcoming album “Pehchaan”. Dekhoon Jidhar Bhi: The search for answers to the questions asked in the song ‘Dekhoon Jidhar Bhi’ forms the core quest of the album. It asks the world why we always put each other down, when we could try to understand each other. Appearances and comparisons make us feel ashamed of ourselves, and we learn to believe the things people say about us. This self doubt makes us lose our drive. Is it possible to listen to someone with respect instead of envy? Can we find faith within us? Can creative freedom be found through the freedom to be completely yourself?

Watch Dekhoon Jidhar Bhi here:

“Pehchaan” is an album conceptualised and created in the pandemic. It consists of seven songs mapping the search for one’s identity. Grappling with the dilemmas young people face as they grow and evolve, the songs ask questions about understanding oneself, making sense of one’s past and one’s mind, dealing with anxiety and grief, and learning to weather the difficulties life throws at you.

The answers are ultimately found within us, and in the people and places close to our heart, which ground us and give us direction. The album will be released as singles with one song releasing every fortnight starting from 23rd September 2022 until 16th December 2022, and will be available as an entire album on the 20th December 2022 across all streaming platforms.

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