Indian Ocean’s new album ‘Tu Hai’ is just about 2 weeks away!

India, 20th April 2023– Pioneering Indian folk fusion band, Indian Ocean recently announced the release of their eighth album ‘Tu Hai’ which arrives on May 5, 2022 across all major streaming platforms.

Hailed as one of India’s most revered live bands, Indian Ocean’s brand of fusion music has been captivating audiences across the world for over 30 years now.  Their forthcoming 6-track release attempts to showcase the evolution of the band’s signature sound as well sample the musical diversity for which they are celebrated and loved.

Watch ‘Jaadu Maaya’ here:

Themes of climate change and philosophical musings form a pivotal part of the album paying a tribute to the band’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and the environment which has been a defining feature of their music since their inception. Each of the tracks are relatable, aiming to convey a message to all of humanity to rethink their value systems and the importance of decluttering both internal and external environments for a more sustainable future.

The album also plays host to an eclectic mix of collaborators such as Grammy Award winning percussionist Vikku Vinayakram, storyteller Varun Grover and American saxophonist George Brooks, bringing to life striking lyrics and intriguing compositions.

Photo Credit: Rajput Abhijeet Singh Rana

Rahul Ram, bass guitarist and vocalist of the band states, “The album is spiritual and contemplative and a transformative expedition that has been in the works for many years. We completed the production in 2019 but there was an unfortunate pandemic outbreak and we had to rethink our plans. During the lockdown, the importance of how we need to cooperate and coexist with nature became such a glaring hard truth and that if we give nature a chance, it will recuperate. This album is a tribute to that universal thought as well as a friendly reminder to all of humanity to make sustainably wise choices that are not just fodder for your outer appearances but also a haven for your inner temple. We are just very grateful and happy that we can finally hit the road and take this album to different parts of the country over the next few months with the Tu Hai India Tour.”

Indian Ocean’s music has long been a source of inspiration for generations of musicians and listeners alike. The much-anticipated release is a testament to the band’s enduring legacy and unwavering dedication to artistic integrity and social consciousness.


Jaadu Maaya released on 14th April 2023 along with a music video directed by Varun Grover and Ankit Kapoor.

Jungle ft. George Brooks releasing on 21st April 2023

Iss Tan Dhan ft. Vikku Vinayakram releasing on 28th April 2023

Tu Hai Part 1 releasing on 5th May 2023

Tu Hai Part 2 releasing on 5th May 2023

Rebirth releasing on 5th May 2023

Jaadu Maaya – The first single from the album is a track written by acclaimed lyricist Varun Grover. The lyrics have layered meanings, mingling despair and hope. It’s a powerful call to action that urges listeners to take concrete steps towards conserving and protecting our rivers, streams, trees, and the environment as a whole. The track’s themes are rooted in the band’s affinity for environmental consciousness.  Despite the stark realities of climate change and environmental degradation, Jaadu Maaya reminds us that there is always a silver lining, and that it’s never too late to take meaningful action towards creating a more sustainable future. The accompanying music video is a powerful and heart-rending portrayal of a world falling apart, while we argue about small issues there’s a larger threat that we need to be aware of, which is presented as an allegory.

Jungle –The track which presents itself in the form of a ballad draws a parallel between existence and wilderness, underscoring the magnitude and vastness of nature and our own insignificance within it. The track features acclaimed saxophonist George Brooks, a longtime friend and collaborator of the band.

Iss Tan Dhan – A collaboration with the amazing ghatam exponent Vikku Vinayakram, the track is a modern take on a poem by the legendary poet Sant Kabirdas and also features Tamil Lyrics contributed by Vikku Vinayakram. The poem’s musings on the futility of possessions resonates strongly throughout the track. The band stresses on the vital role that humans can play in building a more sustainable future through mindful consumption of resources. It urges listeners to look beyond their material ambitions and instead become one with the earth, mindful of the impact that their actions have on the environment.

Tu Hai – Split into two parts, Tu Hai is a deeply personal and contemplative track, resonating strongly with all band members. The track grapples with the timeless question of the existence of a supreme being, with each band member offering their unique perspective on the matter. The resulting track is an upbeat, moving and hopeful meditation on the future, taking the listener on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth.

Rebirth – A captivating instrumental track, it was born out of the guitarist Nikhil Rao’s love for Carnatic music, interestingly the audiences love to sing the non-lyrical vocal part of the song.  The track takes listeners on a journey of self-reflection and hope, a poignant reminder that the world needs a rebirth of sorts, one that can only come from a collective effort to live in harmony with the earth.

Photo Credit: Rajput Abhijeet Singh Rana

About Indian Ocean

Formed in the early ’90s, the iconic Delhi-based band has been one of the spearheads of the Indian independent music scene, constantly pushing boundaries and breaking new ground. Their unique sound of contemporary rock mixed with classical, jazz and fusion have earned them a massive following across the globe. The band has managed to maintain this inimitable sound in all of their discography. y. Some of their critically acclaimed albums include ‘Kandisa, ‘Jhini’ and ‘Desert Rain’. Their music has also been featured in numerous movies including the award-winning films Masaan ,peepli Live and  Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday

Over the years, Indian Ocean has received numerous awards and accolades for their groundbreaking music, including the MTV Immies Award for Best Rock Album and the GIMA Award for Best Fusion Album.

Indian Ocean comprises of Rahul Ram: Bass Guitar & Vocals; Amit Kilam: Drums, Vocals And Percussions; Himanshu Joshi: Vocals; Tuheen Chakravorty: Tabla And Percussions and Nikhil Rao: Guitar

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