India being recognised for its talent, scope and market, is beyond amazing: Sukriti & Prakriti

Sukriti and Prakriti have been around for a while and consistently giving chart busters over years. Their latest release Dobara has clocked over 12 million views on YouTube in about 4 weeks’ time. We had had quick interaction with them to celebrate the success of Dobara. Here are the excerpts:

Watch Dobara here:

Dobara has clocked over 12 million views on YouTube within 4 weeks of the release. How do you feel?

Releasing a song is always a feeling unmatched. We were and still are exhilarated to know Dobara is out there in the world. This is a song we’ve made with so much love and our only intention is to share this labour of love with our audiences.

SuPra and Vyrl has been a winning combination. What makes it work?

I think it’s definitely a few things. Firstly, it’s right choice of content and for that we have some amazing A&Rs. Secondly, it’s the audio – video vision that comes together when you sit with a team as hardworking and bright as VYRL. And lastly, it’s the teamwork, efficiency and synergy that makes everything come together.

Have you given love a second chance?

Yes absolutely. Personally, I think second chances can seem difficult at first but sometimes they result in a happy ending. Contrary to popular belief, people change, and they can change for the better.

What’s next coming in from your end after Dobara?

It’s a ginormous surprise collaboration that I can’t wait to announce. I’m sure the fans are gonna be thrilled when they get to know. Apart from that Sukriti are I are working on our first album and hopefully that will be our first half of next year.

Between SuPra, who takes what part of song making process? How do you resolve creative conflict if any?

Most of the times it’s a collective effort. Sometimes Prakriti comes up with a tune, sometimes I do. Sometimes she makes the cross and I come up with the hook and sometimes it’s the other way around. Composing and songwriting is a process that comes to us very randomly and naturally, there’s no specific method. Sometimes we’re travelling and come up with something in a flight, sometimes we’re sitting in a studio for hours and yet don’t come up with something that we like. So far, very honestly Prakriti and I have never disagreed on a melody or had creative differences because we always agree on the same thought and vibe at the end of every session.

Which artists from the contemporary times would you want to do a collaboration with?

I mean there are so so many. Collaborations truly is the best way to spread your music far and wide and also bring out the best in you. If we’re really talking about bucket listing, I would love to have a collab with Justin Bieber & Doja Cat, I really love Badshah & would love to do something with him soon, King is also someone we’d love to do a song with and of course, AP Dhillon.

Cross overs are becoming more of a reality now. Are there any plans for cross over collaboration from your end?

Rightly said, it used to be a far fetched dream and would almost seem unreal but with the lines blurring between the west and here now, and India being recognised for its talent, scope and market, is beyond amazing. Till today it’s unreal to believe that me and Prakriti have a shared credit with one and only Dua Lipa for the Indian and Asian remix for Levitating. Going forward we have another exciting international collaboration with Matteo Bocelli from Italy and it’s a really special song!

What are SuPra in real life?

SuPra in real life are just two girls who are each other’s biggest support systems and biggest critics. Sisters and best friends but more than that, two girls who share the same dreams and aspirations in life and love to work hard and dream harder every day, never give up, live fiercely and unapologetically and also live in the moment. Two girls who like to spend time with their family and close ones & their dog Popcorn. We both love to be outgoing as well as be the go getters and hustlers and are big big foodies.

Any messages to your fans?

We would like to start with a huge thank you. A thank you for being our rock and our constant, solid support system, for allowing us to take time with our songs, our music and our art. We would like to thank you for always sticking by and being more excited about our work than even us and for always being the reason we want to keep working hard and staying motivated. Lots more is in the pipeline, and we can’t wait to share it through!

Follow them for more to come, till then stream Dobara!

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