I was attracted to Hip Hop after listening to ‘Brown Rang’ of Yo Yo Honey Singh: Yung Sammy

Sammy Lloyds aka Yung Sammy is one of the exciting talents to have emerged in the Desi Hip Hop scene. recently signed by Desi Trill, he is coming up with his debut EP. Two songs from the EP, The Intro and Tension Mat Le, have been released with a lot of buzz. We had an interaction recently with Yung Sammy, check out what he has to say:

About the song ‘The Intro’

I have been in the scene for over 5 years now. Having said that, I felt that I have never really introduced myself. So why not make a track which is about me and answering questions that people ask about me. The most question that has been asked to me is “how do you know Hindi?”. So the track is about letting people know about me in nutshell!

Watch ‘The Intro’ here:

Getting on board with Desi Trill

I had this track 4×4 which got viral on Instagram. Shabz, one of the owners of Desi Trill, messaged me and that’s how I got introduced to the label and signed with them.

Plans for the rest of the year 2024

I have many things on the plate for me, sometimes it feels that there are not as many months left commensurate with my plans. First thing is the EP which is scheduled to drop soon. It has mixed genres, something that you might want to know more about as an when it comes. There is an album that we have on our mind too!

Watch ‘Tension Mat Le’ here:

Delhi NCR Hip Hop Culture

Delhi NCR has a growing Hip Hop scene. To be honest, underground Hip Hop in India did not receive much attention back in times. But, it has grown wider in the current times, and this is what is taking the genre forward. The change has come in the reach and exposure that has come about in the past 6 years.

Your Journey

As an artist I think in a different way. Of course, my being able to speak fluent Hindi works for me as I look different, but I sound beyond someone’s expectations. This is really a USP for me, which creates a form of entertainment that is being loved by many. I have been writing for the last 5 years, I was attracted to Hip Hop after listening to ‘Brown Rang’ of Yo Yo Honey Singh. From there on, things happened and here we are. I have met him as well and I am a big fan of his. A few days back Honey Paaji invited me to his studio, suggested that we should work together. This is a huge achievement for me, from being a listener of his songs to interacting with him as an artist!

Photo Credit to the artist

Cultural References from Nigeria and India

I am from Nigeria, but I have been in India for past 15 years, which is the biggest part of my life. I plan to create fusion of the two cultures, Nigeria and India. I have a track in Punjabi with Afrobeats. I am singing in Hindi and Yoruba (my home language) as well which adds another layer of charm to the song.

Any more intros after ‘The Intro’

I feel now I don’t have create songs to explain myself. The songs that I will drop now will tell people about me, my thoughts, my vision and my work. Questions won’t end but the next songs will showcase my artistry further.

Well, now that Intro is done, time to see more action from Yung Sammy and by the looks of it, it will be scintillating!

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