Here’s why T-Series’ audio story ‘Social Media Walla Pyaar’ from their ‘Kissey Aur Kahani’ series should be on your list!

Mumbai, 30th March 2023: Time has changed and so is our expression of love and our means of discovering it. That’s exactly what ‘Social Media Walla Pyaar’ touches upon– the next audio story from T-Series’ recently launched audio series ‘Kissey Aur Kahani’. All set to release tomorrow, the story reflects modern-day dating culture, where small chats turn into big romances.

Apart from its relatable appeal to the youth who are making love stories happen one click and emoji at a time, ‘Social Media Walla Pyaar’ written by Righter Wheels, keeps it short and engaging in the voice of Kranti Prakash Jha. The number of people listening to audio series has increased dramatically as visually weary audiences now prefer to “tune out” while choosing to drown in the sound of their headphones. With this easy-going narrative and relatable storyline this is a definite must-listen on our list!

‘Kissey Aur Kahani’ is a series of relatable stories about our day to day lives that will release every Friday on T-Series YouTube channel. Stay tuned!

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