Have you heard yet? Karma from the EP Distorted Thoughts by Aritra is a must listen!

Mumbai, 12th May 2022: Aritra is one of the promising talents across the country. Originally from the city of Kolkata, Aritra Das aka Aritra takes inspirations from various genres of music such as Pop, RnB and Alternative rock mixed with Jazz blues elements and electronic sounds to attain a unique taste to his music. Acclaimed by some of the most prominent names in the industry such as Angel Vivaldi and Salim Merchant for his booming talent, the singer’s release, Honey Trap was featured on one of Argentina’s biggest radio stations, M90 radio topped 150K streams in real time during the premiere. This young lad has not only maintained a steady flow of new music that constantly strikes the boundaries of modern day music throughout his career but also appears to have no intention to stop at nothing when it comes to evolving his music and getting fresh sounds to surprise his audience every time he sets his foot on the stage.

Talking about Karma, Aritra says, “Karma is a part of my 4 song debut EP Distorted Thoughts which consists of Astral Reality, Honey Trap, Karma and Midas’s Touch. As compared to the other songs, this one is something which is very different from the rest of the EP. This is a mixture of RnB and Rap, mixed with smooth luscious vocals, raw fry screams and orchestral sounds, it is a song about grief and acceptance”. The song is a real life narration of events as experienced by the artist himself. It’s a self description of a girl trying to escape her Karma for all her wrongdoings she did but unfortunately failed at it. As written from a negative perspective, it speaks about the struggles and practices the character goes through and meets her unfortunate end, serving justice. Keeping the essence of storytelling intact, the song is guaranteed to take you on a journey through life, as experienced by the artist himself and get to know him as the EP proceeds.

Aritra sings about the other side of life, a life unspoken where he talks about guilty pleasures, addictions and their darkest secrets. Check the song out, don’t miss!

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