Hasan. debuts with ‘Whatever’

Mumbai, 9th February 2024: Hasan. has released his debut track ‘Whatever’ and he brings his artistry to the fore with unique blend of sound and lyricism. The song comes with a beautiful video that captures the essence of the track.

Watch the song here:

The music video directed by Omkar Potdar & Roop Mahal Prem Gali studios gives a beautiful visual appeal to the sound of Hasan.’s debut indie-rock track. Actors Jeet Singh and Shumaila Shaikh perfectly capture the transformation of a relationship and reflect the internal shift of emotions via movements choreographed by Henna Raisinghani & Medha Chaudhary, graduates of Attakalari Centre for Movement Arts.

About the artist

Growing up with the late 2000’s era of pop, rock and hip-hop to moving onto an appreciation for Bollywood and Hindustani Classical to now experimenting with indie-folk & alternative songwriting, Hasan.’s debut sound is inspired from a variety of musical influences which currently seems to be synthesised into a unique blend of indie-folk, rock and alternative music along with a conversational style to his lyrics. He continues to draw inspiration from diving deep into his personal experiences that lead him to explore his vulnerability through his music. Hasan. is a singer-songwriter based out of Mumbai. He’s currently working on his debut album called ‘Bygones’ which is scheduled to be released in late 2024. Having worked extensively on ads and films over the last 5 years, Hasan. is now moving towards a full-time career as an independent musician. Hasan.’s vulnerable songwriting is elevated by Aman Arakh – long term producer to stellar indie acts like Samar Mehdi, Mocaine, Shikhar, Abhin Joshi, Ashwin Adwani etc.

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