Hanumankind Releases His Latest Single ‘Go to Sleep’ with Def Jam India

Mumbai, January 23rd, 2023: One of the finest young artists in India Hanumankind has released the long-awaited rap record ‘GTS’ or Go to Sleep. Produced by Parimal Shais, the latest single was previewed numerous times on Hanumankind’s massive live sets across India and received unprecedented admiration from his listeners. Backed by a hard-hitting production and Hanumankind’s pensive lyricism, Go to Sleep furthers the thriving Indian Hip-Hop sound and strengthens his stature as one of the influential emcees in the industry.

‘GTS’ captures Hanumankind’s self-confrontational world and his ever-increasing longing to get out of it. The young artist finds himself caught up between short-lived praise, foul gratification, and a lack of self-assurance within himself. Between all this abyss, Hanumankind finds it difficult to maintain his composure and realizes that his confidence will be threatened unless he escapes it. Inspired by his personal life events, ‘Go To Sleep’ is a therapeutic rap record through which Hanumankind channelizes his deep-rooted hunger to be the best in the business and protect his artistic pursuits.

Watch the song here:

The music video, directed by Bijoy Shetty, captures the anarchy and psychotic madness in Hanumankind’s world. Drawing influence from ‘Fight Club’ – the iconic Oscar-nominated motion picture by David Fincher – Shetty projects Hanumankind’s desperate attempts at finding a peace of mind amidst weakened relationships and a dull routine on film. Hanumankind tries hard to fall in line with normalcy and give in to a usual style of living, however, after numerous attempts, the young artist realizes that he must distance himself from everyone and everything and continue on his own road.

Hanumankind is one of the most influential emcees in Indian rap. Raised in Bengaluru, the young rapper is known for his deftly curated music and zestful live sets. Hanumankind’s sound stands tall against leading Hip-Hop acts in India and across the globe. Over the years, he has delivered top-selling rap records including the ‘Kalari’ EP and a slew of hard-hitting singles ‘Damnson’, ‘Skyline’, ‘Genghis’ and more. Hanumankind has performed across India and debuted as a live performer at the NH7 Weekender Festival. Last year, Hanumankind’s music was featured in Aakash Bhatia-directed thriller film ‘Looop Lapeta’. Titled ‘Lola’s Chant’, the track served as a moniker for motivation in the Taapsee Pannu starrer film.

Speaking about the track Hanumankind said, “As a Hip-Hop artist, I have always strived to evolve and challenge myself with every track that I put out. That has been my greatest endeavor and I think a lot of it comes from the responsibility I feel as one of the very few English rappers in India. ‘GTS’ is probably the most personal and emotionally engrossing track that I have written and performed until now. It’s maddening what we as artists go through while trying to feed ourselves and our families through performing arts and music. I just want to manifest that out through this track. I’m certain that my fans everywhere across the world will appreciate this track and support it like they always have. Everything I do is for them, and I truly hope that it motivates them to get up and do what they always wanted to do.”

Notably, this is Hunamankind’s debut single with ‘Def Jam Recordings India’. DJI is Universal Music India’s Hip-Hop division within India and South Asia which strives to represent and encourage South Asian Hip-hop with an unwavering label support. Def Jam India follows the blueprint of the iconic Def Jam Recordings label, which has led and influenced the global Hip-Hop culture since 1984. While Def Jam is a global hip-hop powerhouse that represents a far-reaching roster of artists such as Ashanti, Beastie Boys, Foxy Brown, Jay-Z, Kanye West, LL Cool J, Public Enemy, Pusha T, Rihanna, Slick Rick, YG and more; Def Jam India has strived to elevate the Indian imprint of Hip-Hop by supporting some of the most influential figures in Indian rap such as Dino James, Raga, Fotty Seven, Wazir Patar and now Hanumankind.

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