Gouri and Aksha’s latest release ‘Take Me Back’ is a Nostalgic Journey

Take Me Back is a celebration of all the experiences that make you who you are.

Mumbai, 31st October 2023: The duo of Gouri and Aksha, known for their innovative soundscapes, have returned with a mesmerising new release titled “Take Me Back”. This marks the departure from their previous releases and is a new beginning, introducing a fresh, synth-heavy soundscape, reflecting the evolution of their musical tastes.

Releasing under the Mumbai-based label, Robach Music Group, “Take Me Back” is a heartfelt homage to the core memories that shape our lives – pivotal moments, places, and people that influence our values and priorities. Gouri and Aksha invite listeners to celebrate these precious memories that provide solace during life’s most challenging moments.

Stream the song here:

“With this track, the music came first – starting with the flowing arpeggios. Then we made the beat around it and that was the initial loop. It always felt kind of nostalgic and that’s where the lyrics came from.” says Gouri and Aksha about the songwriting process.

Brandon, a prolific producer, has orchestrated the track, while Dishaan’s deft touch has been applied in the mixing process. Furthermore, the track has been mastered by the highly acclaimed Shawn Hatfield, a Grammy-nominated mastering engineer known for his unparalleled expertise in the industry.

“Take Me Back” is a musical that resonates with the soul, a testament to Gouri and Aksha’s artistic evolution, and a celebration of cherished memories. As the duo continues to explore new territories, this release marks a significant milestone in their ever-evolving catalogue of work. “Take Me Back” is streaming across all major platforms.

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