Get Ready to go on a Folksy Rajasthani Ride with ‘Folk Vibes of Rajasthan’ on T-Series property ‘Mitti’!

Mumbai, 22nd August 2023: One of Asia’s leading music label, T-Series, recently launched its new musical property, ‘Mitti’ that aims to celebrate the rich tapestry of regional folk songs. After successfully launching a contemporary ode to Punjabi Folk Songs with eight popular reimagined tracks, T-Series is now out with ‘Folk Vibes of Rajasthan’ bringing together tradition and modernity in an enchanting symphony.

Watch the song here:

‘Mitti Folk Vibes of Rajasthan’ include some of the classics like Sasu Kaive sung by Kutle Khan, Suvatiyo sung by Shahzad Ali, Ghani Ghani Khamma sung by Gafur Khan, Rajasthani Folk Mashup sung by Deu Khan, Shef Ali Khan, Ladu Khan, Rail Gadi sung by Moti Khan and Jhirmir Barse sung by Bundu Khan. While the audio of these tracks are out, the music video of the first song, Sasu Kaive is out now for audiences to enjoy.

The reimagining of these classic tracks adds a refreshing touch, making them relevant and appealing to the contemporary audience. ‘Folk Vibes of Rajasthan’ under the Mitti property is out on T-Series Rajasthani YouTube channel YouTube channel.

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