From Beats to Bars: Top 6 best performances of MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT

Mumbai, 19th December 2023: MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT stands as India’s groundbreaking rap reality television show that has given India’s desi hip-hop talent a platform to express themselves through their art. The show has time and again been recognized for giving the spotlight to raw authentic voices and bringing the world of hip-hop to the forefront. Throughout the season, contestants have demonstrated that music is a universal language, showcasing its transcendent power through their performances As the season comes close to the finale, let’s take a look at the best performances from the show so far:

‘Street Celebrity’ by Kayden Sharma Took Hyderabadi Rap Nationwide

Kayden has evolved on the show immensely but his best performance remains his first, ‘Street Celebrity’ wherein he passionately represented Hyderabad’s rap scene intending to take it to the next level. The infectious beats and Kayden’s heartfelt delivery turned the track into an overnight sensation amassing a whooping 19M+ views on YouTube and becoming a trending hit on Instagram. This defining performance catapulted Kayden into the national spotlight and solidified his status as a dynamic force in Indian hip-hop culture, connecting with fans from all corners of the country.

‘Ameeri’ by Mrunal Shankar: Aspirations Crafted bars

Mrunal Shankar’s standout performance Ameeri is one of the best performances of the season which earned her the coveted ‘Performer of the Week’ title and the song stands at over 1.8M views on YouTube. This song beautifully explores the theme of wealth, blending perfect bars with hard-hitting lyrics. Mrunal’s delivery captured the audience’s attention, making Amiri a hit and showcasing her prowess on MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT stage

‘Lo-Kal’ by Vijay Dada: The Mumbai Local Groove That Stole Hearts

Vijay Dada, hailing from the Govandi-Mankhurd area in Mumbai, brought his signature Bambaiya touch, impressing the Squad Bosses and captivating the audience with his performances since the beginning. His magnetic performance ‘Lo-Kal’, a fun reggae-infused rap-ode to Mumbai Local, not only caught the attention of the Squad Bosses but also garnered over 289K views on YouTube. Squad Boss, Dino James even gave a standing ovation after the performance. It wasn’t just a performance, it was the perfect essence of what Vijay Dada represents and what the audience enjoys at the same time. Lo-Kal emerged as one of the standout moments of the season, showcasing Vijay Dada’s ability to intertwine Mumbai’s spirit with his impeccable rap style.

‘Why’ by Bassick: Beyond the basic

Bassick, a consistent standout performer on MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT gave a series of outstanding performances, but his song ‘Why’ transcended the basics and resonated deeply with the audience and gathered more than 459K views over YouTube. By levelling up with each passing episode and upping his game; Bassick truly proved his worth on the show.

‘Amravati Potta’ by 100RBH: A Cultural Anthem

100RBH, a conscious rapper from Amravati, has impressed audiences often with his impactful performances that tackle important issues through hard-hitting rhymes. He has amazed the Squad Bosses week-on-week, getting continuous Radio Hits from Badshah. His song, Amravati Potta, reflects his hometown and has become a cultural anthem with 2.8M views on YouTube, a standing ovation from Squad Bosses on his performance making it the best.

‘Main Aur Mere Rhyme Schemes’ – A Rhythmic Prowess by UDAY

UDAY, the youngest underground prodigy rapper on this show who has been known for his skills in ‘Battle rap’ for about nine years, gave a stunning performance on Main Aur Mere Rhyme Schemes. UDAY’s performance featured intricate rhymes and the usage of the longest word from the dictionary i.e. ‘pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis’, showcasing his impeccable skill and lyrical prowess, UDAY left the Squad Bosses and Rap Supremo Badshah in awe, garnering enormous 641K views on YouTube

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