Fotty Seven releases “Tu Jo Na Hota” inspired by Latin Rap with Def Jam India

Mumbai, 30th June 2023: Ankit Gudwani known as Fotty Seven, the acclaimed emcee and lyricist, has once again made waves in the contemporary Indian Hip-Hop scene with his latest release, “Tu Jo Na Hota.” This release marks a significant milestone in his career as he departs from his signature sound. As an influential figure for India’s youth, Fotty Seven continues to inspire and captivate audiences with every single release.

Watch the song here:

His latest musical endeavor, “Tu Jo Na Hota,” this self-produced record showcases his artistic growth and reveals his versatility as a troubled artist. Drawing inspiration from Latin rap, the track skilfully incorporates Fotty Seven’s underlying vulnerability and hopeless romanticism. “Tu Jo Na Hota” serves as a therapeutic call for affection during times of loneliness, symbolizing hope within a relationship.

Fotty Seven’s deep connection to his craft is evident in “Tu Jo Na Hota.” The song pays homage to his muse – his woman – who becomes his sole confidante. It exemplifies Fotty Seven’s ability to evoke profound emotions and resonate with his audience on a deep level.

Known for his authentic sounds and extensive discography, Fotty Seven has solidified his position as a sought-after artist, celebrated for his talent and versatility. His collaborations with some of India’s finest Hip-Hop artists, including the rap superstar Badshah, have further elevated his status as a powerhouse in the genre. His hard-hitting releases with Def Jam Recordings India, such as “Banjo” and “You Know The Drill” featuring Ellde Fazilka, have garnered significant acclaim and firmly established him as an extraordinary artist.

Reflecting on his latest release, “Tu Jo Na Hota,” Fotty Seven expressed his enthusiasm and said, “This song holds a special place in my heart as I’ve ventured into new territory, departing from my signature sound. I took a creative leap, and I’m excited to see how my fans will embrace this evolution. Their love and support for my previous songs have been incredible, and I hope they’ll shower the same affection on this one. I eagerly await their responses and look forward to sharing this musical journey with them.”

His meteoric rise and impact on the Indian Hip-Hop scene stand as a testament to his unparalleled talent and unwavering dedication. With each release, he pushes boundaries, breaks barriers, and sets new standards for the genre, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. “Tu Jo Na Hota” is yet another testament to Fotty Seven’s artistic prowess and his unwavering commitment to his craft.

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