Every bit of this song is pure nostalgia: Madhur Sharma

Madhur Sharma has been a steadily rising name in the world of music. From performing live to releasing his video songs, he has been getting tremendous love from the listeners. He recently released a rendition to ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ with Saregama. We had a brief interaction with him on this and here are the excerpts:

From a peppy song to a pensive tone, you have changed the treatment of the song. How did this change come about?

I perform this song live without any instruments just me and my guitar and whenever I have played this live, I have received beyond amazing response from people. When we were making the track we thought let’s make this one slow and give it an emotional touch and that’s how the track came about!! Also, I’ve come to realise that reprised versions of songs help bring out the actual essence of the melody.

Watch the song here:

You have said that this song is a tribute to Hritik Roshan, Ameesha Patel and Udit Narayan. How difficult was it for you to do justice to this one?

See, covering or making recreations of these legendary songs is a huge risk which I love

taking 😉 But this one was pretty difficult because you never know how people will react to it, all I can say is, it’s a humble attempt and I leave it to the people.

Photo Credit: Madhur Sharma’s Instagram

What are your first in person memories of this song?

Lots of fun memories from back in the day, this whole album was our jam during the school days and well we all danced to it. Every bit of this song is pure nostalgia.

How did this collaboration with Saregama come about?

I was approached by their team when one of my tracks got viral and it was in India top 10 for almost 3 months! And when they approached me, I quickly jumped in because I was looking forward to working with them!!

Photo Credit: Madhur Sharma’s Instagram

What are the advantages of having a label like Saregama behind you? What do you plan next with them?

It’s great to work with Saregama, they are one of the oldest sound recording companies and have made a legacy. Working with them certainly puts you in a bigger league of artists and you get a great deal of exposure because of this. We are working on lots of projects with Saregama, stay tuned!!

Well, we will stay tuned for what’s to come next, but till then, you stay tuned to ‘Kaho Na Pyar Hai’ and give it all your love!

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