#EmpowerHERMUSIC, an initiative that truly promotes the cause for music and the cause for inclusivity!

Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) is very well known for protecting the interests of authors, composers, publishers of music in India. They have been actively promoting talent across the spectrum, in the industry. Dolby, at the same time, is known to create an environment that enhances the experience and the quality of sound. Dolby and IPRS have come together to contribute towards the success and enhancement of artistry, through #EmpowerHERMUSIC. This project is aimed at developing and educating upcoming artists, with a high focus on women representation in the industry.

We had a short interaction with Mr. Pankaj Kedia, Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Dolby Laboratories and Rumpa Banerjee, Head-Marketing & Communications and Memner Relations, to understand more on this project.

Tell us about #EmpowerHERMUSIC and what does it look to achieve?

Rumpa Banerjee: The Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS), India’s only copyright society representing the authors, composers, and publishers of music, in association with Dolby India announced the second phase of the #HERMUSIC campaign –  #EmpowerHERMUSIC. The initiative entails community outreach and nurture music program to foster a community of women creators and budding talents united through music. It aims to provide a platform to all those who aspire to build a career in music and support the cause. Thus, helping to change the face of the music industry through a growing representation of women in music. #EmpowerHERMUSIC commenced with an hour-long session, “Education in Music” on 8th July at 5 PM (IST). The session was LIVE on the IPRS Facebook page, hosted in association with Music Meleti and Dolby Laboratories. The session focused on opportunities in Music Study, introducing the audience to over 25K courses and 400 universities worldwide to choose their stream of passion.

What made Dolby come on board with #EmpowerHERMUSIC?

Pankaj Kedia: At Dolby we are committed to supporting the industry and music ecosystem. Our endeavor is to provide creators with a new palette of possibilities beyond the ordinary. Through this innovative program, Dolby is supporting students, artists, creators, musicians in India to discover and learn more about music and the possibilities in this new era of music.

What kind of knowledge sessions should we expect from the series?

Rumpa Banerjee: The #HERMUSIC initiative launched on 8th March – International Women’s day will be expanding into music nurturing sessions on the 8th of every month. The #EmpowerHERMUSIC will thus serve as a forum to educate the music aspirants and female talents through sessions on Song-writing, Music Composing, Music beyond Songs, Sound Design & Mixing, Music Rights & Intellectual Property, Know-how about building the brand through Social Media & PR and Insights on Distribution & Marketing of Music. 

What kind of work is Dolby partnering with IPRS on this or contributing towards the project as?

Pankaj Kedia: IPRS is a prestigious organization, all its initiatives are aimed toward uplifting the Indian Music Industry. Our partnership with IPRS goes a long way and we are in sync when it comes to extending our support to such an important initiative. With this initiative, we are providing attendees the opportunity to learn about music creation in India & exploration of new technologies like Dolby Atmos. Through various sessions like education in music, song writing sessions, Dolby Atmos Tutorial Series, Dolby Institute Masterclass, and a free trial to Dolby Atmos Production Suite, attendees would not only be able to understand the nuances of music creation, but also learn the technical know-how to create spectacular music experiences.

Tell us about the first session that was conducted with Music Meleti

Rumpa Banerjee: The first session, Education in Music, was put together for all music enthusiasts, introducing them to the relevance and opportunities in Higher Studies in Music. The Education in Music masterclass was held in association with Music Meleti – an online destination for information on music education. During the session the attendees got to know about Music Study, with over 25K courses and 400 universities worldwide to choose their stream of passion!

What do you think should one big area of focus be for musicians in making or the musicians who are looking to make it big?

Pankaj Kedia: The music industry is fast evolving, there are plenty of new opportunities for creators to showcase their talent. The need is to understand and use the technologies that are available for creators as that can elevate the quality of their content and bring out the emotions that they intended for the listener to experience. As more creators will embrace these technologies, the more empowered they will feel to create something that has never been heard before and something that creates a deep connection between their art and their audiences. This is what we aspire to achieve at Dolby – to empower artists and creators, make them recognize their potential and support them in improving and enhancing their skills and tools.

Well, #EmpowerHERMUSIC is one of those initiatives that takes its roots from a good cause. At the core of it is the upliftment of the musicians. The first session was a great experience for the attendees as they could grasp the vast availability of education that can be accessed to better hone their skills. Given that the technology and theories are evolving at a rapid pace, the upcoming content from this initiative will be of great help to the upcoming talent. I attended the first session and can tell by experience that even I was not aware of so many options being available for learners’ guidance in music education. I am for sure looking to follow this up more and know what else is in the store, it will an interesting journey. Such initiatives are much needed and kudos to the team of IPRS and Dolby India to come out with #EmpowerHERMUSIC.

Article by Vishwa Deepak Dikshit

Photo Credit to IPRS Team



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