Dhaval Kothari’s ‘Khwahishon Ke Moti’ is a real gem!

Mumbai, 12th December 2022: Dhaval Kothari’s “Khwahishon Ke Moti ”, is a seamless blend of rich music for this wedding season. The Urdu and Hindi lyrics make it one of Dhaval’s most romantic and meaningful indie tracks. Dhaval Kothari’s “Khwahishon Ke Moti ”, is a soothing take into new age Indie music, it’s all about love, memories and endurance! Dhaval Kothari’s “Khwahishon Ke Moti ” is a collusion of rooted music.

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the song Dhaval says  “Khwahishon Ke Moti is a slow burn love ballad, a collusion of rooted music. The song has an ecstatic, escapist vibe, it is filled with melodic strings and beautiful lyrics in Hindi-Urdu pattern. This came into picture 2 years back during lockdown, I composed it thinking about the old days, how people used to express their love to each other and the patience and endurance they used to keep towards their partner. It’s always a big challenge to stick to your roots and create a sound that defines you as an artist, and I always believe in staying with a song and let it grow. It’s a release after 2 years but the song still sounds very fresh and people of all ages can enjoy and relate to it”.

Speaking about the music video he says “The song is picturised in black and white and gives a totally old school vintage vibe. I just make what I like and say what I’m feeling or what the beat brings out of me, and now when I see the music video, I can totally connect to its emotions and moments that we captured in this 4 minute music video.  I expect to elevate my music with such songs and create my own niche, to the people who can relate to their life!”.

Khwaishon Ke Moti is all about love, those good memories and endurance that you keep with you even if your beloved is not near to you. With the constant retakes and endless poring over every microsecond of track, the song was well thought out and written by Dhaval during lockdown. It has been a journey to take a small composition to a masterpiece when it comes to putting all the feel you want. The instrumentation and strings richly weave the warmth around the song which is very unique. The music is programmed and arranged by Vishal Khatri and flawlessly mixed/mastered by Prasad Maha. In the music video shot by filmmaker Siddharth Ahuja and his team, the video narrates a beautiful love ballad of a couple, where Dhaval has acted in the video himself as a male protagonist. Also, Kohmal Khanna is with him as a lead female actor. Kohmal is one of the talented young theater artists from Mumbai.

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