Delhi-based duo Lil Kabeer & Faizan released their latest EP, “Darpan Store”

Mumbai, 21st April 2023: The Delhi-based duo of rapper Lil Kabeer & singer/producer Faizan has released their debut EP, on 9th April 2023. Produced by the duo themselves, the EP depicts their bittersweet relationship with their environment and the importance of camaraderie within the society, consisting of 5 tracks the EP is available on all the major streaming platforms.

Stream the EP here:


The Darpan Store EP, consisting of five songs, was created within a span of just five to six days. Drawing its name from a nearby store and serves as a reflection of the artists’ personalities, the mixtape is an ode to their adventures in their Kishangarh flat.

The lyrics of this piece are incredibly enjoyable and are accompanied by irresistibly catchy melodies. The production, which was masterfully executed by Yung Satya and Faichan, exudes a wave of freshness, and creates an unforgettable soundscape for the listeners.

Faizan and Kabeer have developed a strong brotherly relationship after first encountering each other in the summer of 2021 through their mutual acquaintance Yung Waris. Since then, they have made significant progress in their individual careers. The duo’s chemistry is a thing of beauty, whether witnessed in their synchronized performances on stage, their sweet-sour shared experiences of being flatmates, or their collaborative efforts on J Block’s marquee songs. Paying homage to their growth both individually and as a music duo, “Darpan Store” is as unique and mesmerizing as these two artists.

Stream the EP on Spotify here:

About the EP

Darpan Store is a light-hearted stock of entertainment, powered by rich musicality, in the form of an EP, which is constructed by multi-genre artists Lil Kabeer & Faizan. It presents a rich storyline of the artists’ individual journeys, and also the journey they have charted with their music collective, i.e. J Block. It also presents a magnificent array of abstract emotions, which they have felt throughout the same. The title of the EP, i.e. “Darpan Store,” is an ode to a local multi-purpose store which has garnered a significant symbolic value in the lives of the artists, as well as their collective, as their musical journey progressed. It became a pit-stop of conversations, emotions and memories which acts as a sublime mental checkpoint, as the artists relive their past and project their future ambitions.

The light-hearted aesthetic, combined with groovy & accessible, yet unique sounds, makes it a blend of all the necessary essentials, which shapes it into a perfect musical escape. It captures a range of intricate human facets across five tracks. “Apna Sapna Money Money,” encapsulates the rush and work an artist undergoes to meet life’s basic needs; “Darpan Store,” which is the title track of this project, progresses the narrative and sheds light on the behind-the-scenes work which contributed to the memorable journey of the artists who are involved; “Isha Ke Ishare,” & “Humnashi,” touches upon the need for companionship and love, which humans crave for and its dramatic yet intoxicating manifestation in reality; and finally, “Milky Way Ka Hero,” is a gorgeous attempt at conveying amazement through pristine storytelling.

Overall, Darpan Store provides a sweet package of entertainment and storytelling, with a touch of grooviness and a plethora of sentimental value, which makes it palatable to a variety of audiences and their respective tastes and intent behind listening.

About Lil Kabeer

Shuffling cities between Kanpur and Lucknow, UP-bred rapper and producer Lil Kabeer is

carving a niche of his own. With an abundance of diverse sounds and alter egos, Lil Kabeer’s songwriting, and concepts are experimental, relatable, and worthy of drawing multiple interpretations. Having had guest features on versatile projects such as Udhbhav’s YATI, Karun’s Granth, Dhanji’s Bagman, and Sammad’s Saste Nashe, the poetically introspective MC is all set with his debut LP soon to be released in the foreseeable future.

About Faizan

A graduate in Japanese literature, Faizan aka FaiChan is an up-and-coming singer and music producer based in Delhi. Faizan got exposed to Hip-Hop while working with Bangalore-based rapper Agaahi Raahi and started his journey as a producer. A motivated self-learner, he started churning out beat after beat, slowly making his way into the scene he’d been fascinated with for years. Inspired by producers like Nujabes & J Dilla, he finally debuted as a producer in late 2020, Faizan has worked alongside multiple artists such as Agaahi Raahi, Akx, Nex aka Pasha Bhai, Siddhant, and many more. After co-producing and working with over 40+ artists throughout the country, Faizan is all set to make his impact on the scene with his upcoming projects.


Apna Sapna Money Money

Darpan Store

Isha Ke Ishare


Milky Way Ka Hero

Cover Art by 78Arjun, yungwaris, Dr. Chand, & Mohit Gambhir

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