Dehradun born independent singer-songwriter pens down his 3rd single, Aadatein!

Mumbai, 4th May, 2021: Hustling from 9-5 everyday in a chaotic year of 2020, a Dehradun based singer-songwriter, Ravish went back to his roots and flipped through some pages from 2011 to be reminded of his very first creation as a songwriter. Coming from his own experience,  Aadatein celebrates the beauty of one sided love which he experienced pretty early on in life and has held close to his heart till today.

In that one corner of his 4 walls, the freshly dusted strings, he strummed through what he calls a ‘naturally stringed rhythm/melody of love, life and relationships’. They say, each memory has a sound track of its own but somehow, this one is so familiar to the heart. With his latest creation, Ravish takes you back to his hometown and weaves a story that maneuvers through emotions, nature and selflessness of a young heart in its teens.

Ravish’s words have always come from those corners of the heart that one tends to keep buried deep. His folk-acoustic style of music gives life to his forever dream of being a songwriter who talks to your emotions. By bringing Aadatein to you, he marks the beginning of a reality he mistook as just a dream once.

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