Crowd’s new favourite, Aditya Rikhari releases his new track “Teri Yaad”

Mumbai, 13th February 2023: Aditya Rikhari, a 22-year-old  singer, songwriter, and composer, has released the heartbreak pop anthem “Teri Yaad” with the label IndieA Records after releasing 12 songs independently. Aditya Rikhari is one of the most versatile and underrated musicians currently in the music scene.

Watch the song here:

The track not only captures the waves of various emotions one goes through but also adds a layer of despair, leaving us questioning the very nature of love. Aditya has been emerging as the crowd’s new favorite, and the singer is seen facing the camera for the first time ever while making “Teri Yaad,” his first ever music video. While the audio of the song was released on the 7th of February, the anticipation surrounding the video grew 10-fold. With Aditya’s emotive voice and relatable lyrics, the music video paints a picture of unfinished love in a true millennial style, which only drives extreme curiosity.

Holding a penchant for making music, he started exploring his love for music in college. He started with only 100K monthly listeners and reached 2.8M monthly listeners in just a year. As he gears up to expand his fan base, the singer will be seen working with the world’s top labels in 2023. From his first song, “Faasle,” followed by “Samjho Na” and “Kya Karein,” to his last song, “Side by Side,” Aditya’s mellifluous voice has featured in multiple web series, like “Side by Side”, “Poles Apart,” and “Not Dating,” which was one of the top 10 web series of 2021. His songs were trending straight for 270 days on neighbouring countries’ viral song charts, which only proves that his voice knows no religion, caste, and creed; his music travels cross-border, which fetched him 6.6 million+ listeners globally.

Talking about Teri Yaad, Aditya Rikhari says, “I wanted to make a track that brings together all the emotions that would transport my listeners to the world of mixed memories if they ever had their hearts broken, and that’s how Teri Yaad was made. All my songs are close to my heart, but this one is especially special for me as this is my first ever music video. I hope my listeners enjoy watching me in the music video as much as they do while listening to my music”.

Watch this beautiful track by Aditya, we are surely putting it on loop!

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