Chand by Masoom Sharma becomes one of the fastest Haryanvi songs to cross 1 Million Reels on Instagram

Mumbai, 14th March 2022: Times Music Haryanvi’s recent release Chand surpasses notable records as it crosses 1 Million reels on Instagram. It just took 15 days for this lovely song to reach from 100K to 1 Million reels!

Chand became the Haryanvi Valentine’s anthem of 2022. The warmth of love, the naughtiness of romance, and the feeling of admiration are expressed so beautifully in ‘Chand’ because of which the wonderful song mesmerized everyone and managed to strike a chord with the audience.

Masoom Sharma is a well-known singer and has received accolades and appreciation for his work. He has delivered many hits like ‘2 Numbari,’ ‘Peshi,’ ‘Inaam,’ and many others in the past.

“The love that Chand has been receiving seems so surreal. I am ecstatic that the song crossed 1 Million reels on Instagram so soon and the reels haven’t stopped even now. I am truly grateful for all the support. Keep making more reels on Chand and do share them with me,” said Masoom Sharma.

Watch it on YouTube:

Chand was Times Music’s exclusive release and has crossed more than 13 Million views on Times Music Haryanvi’s YouTube channel until now. It is also available on all streaming platforms for you to enjoy.

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