Celebrating the Jatt Culture, Parmish Verma releases “Lambo Flow”, a High-Octane Anthem

Mumbai, 12th September 2023: Singer, rapper and director, Parmish Verma unveils his latest release with VYRL Punjabi, “Lambo Flow”. This exciting song pays homage to Jatt culture and the world of cars, promising an exciting listening experience.

Watch the song here:

Parmish Verma, known for his lively performances and hit songs like “Thokda Reha” and “Gallan Mithiyan,” brings his talent to “Lambo Flow”. It’s likely to become a favourite among music fans worldwide.

“Lambo Flow” is a song with an energetic vibe with catchy beats and melodies. It’s perfect song to be added to your drive playlist. The music video is a treat for car lovers worldwide. It features a stunning Lamborghini in a desert setting, offering thrilling visuals and Parmish Verma’s unique style for an immersive experience.

“Lambo Flow is a fusion of music, passion, power, and pride. This track is a heart-pounding celebration, a musical journey that means the world to me, and I truly hope it resonates with all of you”, says Parmish Verma.

Stream the song and tap into the vibes with Parmish!

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