Celeb Connex teams up with Anup Jalota, Dipti Chaturvedi and Geetanjali for its first ever production, Main Kanha Ke Adhron Par

Mumbai, 2nd April 2021: Celeb Connex is all set to debut in the line of music production with a song, which is composed by Bhajan Samrat and Padmshri Anup Jalota, sung by Anup Jalota and Dipti Chaturvedi, Lyrics by Anup Jalota and Dipti Chaturvedi. The song is expected to release in April 2021.

Song is based on a story involving Lord Krishna, Radha and Bansuri post Mahabharat era.

Anup Jalota said, “Playing Lord Krishna is a special feeling, that too in a self composed song, team was fantastic including co singer, actor and co lyricist Dipti, very talented actor like Geetanjali apart from Producers and other team members”.

Geetanjali says “Being known as mostly criminal and some times victim face of Indian television/movies it was a totally a different and pleasant experience as I have never done any shoot of any song, not just devotional. With such situation I feel really blessed to play the character of ever worshiped Radha Ji, it was and absolute blissful feeling.”

Dipti said, “The song is very close to my heart and I feel emotionally connected. The team work was the key as everyone has pun in the best of the ability hence if the intent is good, team does fantastic”.

Captain Vineet Chaturvedi of Celeb Connex informed that apart from Geetanjali Mishra as Radha, both the singers too are the actors in the song while Anup Jalota plays Lord Krishna and Dipti plays human character of “Bansuri”.

Song has been shot in Mumbai creating Mathura/Vrindavan’s look.

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