“Boon” by Shia and Zero Chill should be on your playlist!

Mumbai, 10th October 2022: Released on 15th July 2022 on Purple Wave, Boon is a track that takes a bold turn away from traditional rhyme schemes and cliched narratives. It, instead, chooses to utilise Zero’s off-kilter sample-centric production to pen down a contemporary celebration of the feminine space.  ‘Boon’, the latest single from Mumbai-based artists Shia and Zero Chill is one of the must listen tracks released off late.

Watch the song here:

Written and performed by Shia, the song is produced by Zero Chill and mixed & mastered by Tienas. Shia has showcased a fresh take and a penned lyrics which are highly relevant in the contemporary times.

Mumbai-based rapper Shia stands apart from her contemporaries with her fusion of pop-rap and captivating approach to songwriting. An unpretentious, unapologetic reflection of her personality, Shia has been recognised by many as having the potential to be a defining voice in the future of Indian independent music.

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