Badshah releases ‘Ek Tha Raja’ at an exclusive fan event hosted by Spotify

A culmination of his 12 years as a musician, the much-awaited album features collaborations with some of India’s foremost musicians and pushes the boundaries of Badshah’s artistic expression.

Mumbai, 19th March 2024: Excitement reached its peak as rapper, record producer, and singer-songwriter Badshah, released his third studio album, Ek Tha Raja (translated as ‘once there was a king’). Out now, this monumental masterpiece not only commemorates Badshah’s remarkable 12+ years in the music scene but also underscores his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

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At an exclusive launch event hosted by Spotify, Badshah treated his fan community to a never-seen-before spectacle, narrating behind-scene tales and highpoints from the making of the album. He was joined on stage by several collaborators from the album,including Raftaar x Aastha, who features on the song “Like A Snake”, Fotty Seven x Raga who feature on the song “Alag Hai“, and Seedhe Maut, who made “Bajenge” alongside Badshah.

Watch ‘God Damn’ here:

Last week, Badshah released an introduction video for Ek Tha Raja which featured a surprise and historic voiceover by the original “badshah” and film icon, Shah Rukh Khan, further fuelling anticipation among his fanbase and setting a milestone moment for the DHH community.

One of India’s most well-recognised and exported artists, Badshah currently enjoys a massive fan following, with more than 25 million followers on Spotify alone. He also has the distinction of being among the top 10 followed Indian artists on the platform globally, with a >30% year-on-year growth in listenership on Spotify in 2024. A truly global artist, Badshah’s fans come from around the world, with listeners on Spotify from not just India, but also the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and more.

Featuring collaborations with over 15 superstar acts from the Indian music industry including Arijit Singh, Karan Aujla, Nora Fatehi, DIVINE, MC Stan, Raftaar and more, Badshah’s magnum opus transcends boundaries and genres and solidifies Badshah’s superstardom. This release follows the immense success of Badshah’s 2023 EP 3:00 AM Sessions and his 2018 album O.N.E. Original Never Ends.

‘Daaku’, the first track from the album, with its music video shot in Russia stacked up over 25 million views and set the ideal precedent for the fiery second music video ‘God Damn’ featuring Karan Aujla that releases today along with the album.

Watch ‘Daaku’ here:

Badshah shares, “This album represents a culmination of years of passion, dedication, and artistic exploration. Each track is a testament to the power of collaboration and community building and the boundless potential of music to transcend boundaries.”

This album released via Universal Music India, which takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, rhythms and beats, is not just a catalogue of songs; but a cultural phenomenon and a celebration of diversity and community, and a testament to the ever-evolving spirit of Indian music. Poised to be the Badshah’s biggest reciprocation to his legions of loyal fans, Ek Tha Raja aspires to surpass even the loftiest of expectations and is merely a coronation of a new era in music, where the king reigns supreme. Badshah will be seen touring arena shows across the US, Singapore and Canada through the summer.

Album Track list:

God Damn – Badshah & Karan Aujla

O’Sajna – Badshah, DIVINE & Nikhita Gandhi

Like A Snake – Badshah, Raftaar & Aastha Gill

Bajenge – Badshah & Seedhe Maut

Hola Atcha Boy – Badshah, Kr$na & Prajina

Surma – Badshah

Red And Blue – Badshah & Shai

Drinks On Me – Badshah & MC Stan

Soulmate – Badshah & Arijit Singh

Body On Me – Badshah & Nora Fatehi

AMG – Badshah & Mehar Vaani

Naraaz – Badshah, Dino James & Ikka

Kalashnikova – Badshah & Draganov

Alag Hai – Badshah, Fotty Seven & Raga

Daaku – Badshah, Sharvi Yadav & Hiten G-Yaan – Badshah

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