‘AUM’, latest offering from The Indica Project taps into the vast ocean of devotional music

Mumbai, 26th May 2023– Storms and D. Wood – The founders of The Indica Project have recently released their latest album called AUM. They have been constantly exploring the extraordinary cultural/musical landscape of India – discovering diverse and fascinating sounds and traditions, some rarely heard beyond the Subcontinent itself.

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AUM is the latest offering from The Indica Project, tapping into the vast ocean of devotional music, primarily indigenous to South India. By integrating compositional elements from East and West, and bringing Carnatic Violin and Mrudangam together with Electric Guitar, Bass and Drums, The Indica Project has created a fresh and uplifting body of work akin to modern global chamber music. AUM is simultaneously traditional and contemporary: In resonance with India’s timeless spiritual identity – projecting positivity, optimism and good will into the future that lies ahead for all of humanity. By following a rigorous process of compositional deconstruction and recreation, Storms and Wood have additionally incorporated deeply rooted elements from Western Classical and African American sources – as well as paying homage to pioneers of Global Fusion music. Consequently, by working with musicians both from the Indian Subcontinent, New York City, Latin America and Africa, The Indica Project has fostered an ongoing musical conversation between India and the world. The Indica Project is a collaboration between Robert Giannetti aka “D. Wood”, and India-based producer, Sanjay Swamy aka “Storms”, The Indica Project is built on a shared passion of exploring musical traditions from across the world. For years, each artist has continuously explored the extraordinary cultural and musical landscape of India discovering rare and diverse sounds, some rarely even heard beyond the subcontinent.

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