Arunaja comes out with her fifth single, “For Who I Am” and it strikes an instant chord

Mumbai, 4th May 2022: Versatile singer and songwriter Arunaja has just released her fifth single “For Who I am”. The song makes an immediate connect for its simplicity and relatability across all the horizons.

Talking about the song she says “The song talks about acceptance in a relationship, regardless of its type. Often, people tend to forget that even in relationships there needs to be space for self-expression and evolution. Arunaja beautifully encapsulates the courage that one needs to open up, break the walls, and build trust in a relationship. It’s scary to be vulnerable and completely naked, with all one’s heart, to let someone in, because of the fear of not being accepted or understood. The song is about being real and flawed – human. No lies, deceit, or excuses; just plain soul-baring and letting someone in, showing them who one truly is, hoping all the while that they won’t be fazed and leave your side. The song falls in the genre of modern rock, with vocals that are filled with flares of Soul and RnB”.

The song is written, composed & performed by Arunaja and produced, mixed & mastered by Keshav Dhar. Check it out and have fun!

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