Aniya’s ‘Aao Na Yahaan’ embodies the essence of hope and life

Mumbai, 15th December 2023: Having previously released a series of original songs in English and Assamese language, Aniya’s fusion of her American and Indian roots has seen her resonate with a plethora of listeners. And now Aniya has released her latest track Aao Na Yahan. Embodying the essence of hope and spirit, ‘Aao Na Yahaan’ highlights Aniya’s youthful enthusiasm for life. Her ability to masterfully capture the sentiment of innocence and positivity through the heartfelt lyricism is a testament to the young stars’ talents. Sung in Hindi, ‘Aao Na Yahaan’ sees Aniya navigate through her unversed teen years with a heart full of aspirations that seem as boundless as the sky.

Watch the song here:

Composed by Aniya and Sibabrata Sharma with the lyrics written by Sushant Sudhakaran, ‘Aao Na Yahaan’ will be the next step in Aniya Vibes journey of taking her music to global audiences.

Speaking about the track Aniya says, “The inspiration for my song ‘Aao Na Yahan’ revolves around the life of a teenager struggling with various challenges, whether they be parental, social, or emotional. I aim to transport them to a realm devoid of hassles and anxieties, a place that encapsulates the essence of hope and joyous spirit. It’s a space where one can soar with a heart brimming with aspirations as limitless as the sky. I aspire for listeners to immerse themselves in a state of euphoria and discover a deep sense of joy”.

Positive, powerful and perceptive, Indian American singer-songwriter Aniya Vibes has been making some serious waves across the globe since her debut at just 9 years old. One of the youngest composers and lyricists to release original music, Aniya Vibes has captured the hearts of fans with her dynamic blend of soulful harmonies and catchy choruses.

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