Alternative Rock band Sick Society releases new single, ENTEDHALLA

Mumbai, 14th April 2021: “Are you a pessimist ? Or an Optimist ? What ever you are! You might be probably wondering what is going on within our country ! There is always an intimidating opinionated person inside each one of us. Well ! F**k the system”, Sick Society.

Their new single ‘ENTEDHALLA’, released on 8th April 2021 , gives you an idea of how worse things are going in our country. With this song, they wanted to re-acknowledge everyone about the collapsed rights of people and some of the worst incidents happened in our country. Sick Society decided to dig deep into the system amidst normal people and interpreted it in the form of a song Entedhalla- a groovy alternative rock song.

More importantly, the alternative-rock circuit gets its new band named after the world as it is right now – Sick Society.  After their debut album “weird relay” the band has come up with their new single, “ENTEDHALLA”. The band is formed by notable musicians of the Indian music scene, spearheaded by vocalist Kiran Paul (also Vocalist for Mad Bypass) and drummer Abin Thej (Founder of Prog band The Harbingers and the initial drummer of Thaikkudamn Bridge) and joined by Guitarist Hari Krishnan PV (Guitarist for the multi-genre group C Major 7 and The Harbingers) and Keyboardist Ruthin Thej (keyboardist for Thaikuddam Bridge).Within the confines of the pandemic the band accomplished to release their virtually composed 4 track debut EP -Weird

The band has released their new single ‘ENTEDHALLA’ on April 8 2021, released by Guitarist/Music director Rex Vijayan.

“While thinking of what’s next, another album? Our drummer ‘Abin thej’ came up with this idea of making a single in our own  other tongue, while having a glance on the social issues around us. We decided to make a song which we can show people how worse the system around us is says the founder and vocalist Kiran Paul. It happened beyond our expectations, Guitarist Hari Krishnan PV adds ‘ really loved that sense of controlled chaos in this song. The song is not just rebel, it’s downright angry. Fortunately, every time I perform this song, I feel more and more relieved. Entedhalla is the one track which I have been always wanting to make with a band in our own language and I am pretty glad it turned out to be beautiful and got released by the
biggest inspiration to create such a track Rex Vijayan says the founder and drummer Abin Thej. And the song is for the silenced who are muted with anarchy adds Ruthin Thej.

‘ENTEDHALLA’ is streaming on all the major platforms.

Stream the song here:

The band is :
Vocals : Kiran Paul
Drums : Abin Thej
Guitars : Hari Krishnan PV
Keyboard : Ruthin Thej Credits :
Producer : Sick Society
Drum Recording – ThirdEye Studio , Bangalore
Vocal Recording – ThirdEye studio,
Mixed and Mastered by Abin Thej

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