Alok Ranjan Srivastava’s ‘Bhapp’ from debut album ‘Ishq Mein’ is a tribute to Gulzar

Mumbai, 10th November 2023: Lyricist and poet Alok Ranjan Srivastava known for some of his prominent projects like Azaad Sangeet S1 & S2, Kota Factory S2, Modern love: Mumbai and Faraaz has released the first track from his debut album called Ishq Mein. The track is called “Bhapp”, and it is a melodious easy listening track which is all set to rule your playlist. 

Watch the song here:

Speaking about the track Alok says “The entire album consists of songs that I never sat down and wrote. These are songs that just started brewing inside me because I was in love with someone. ‘Bhapp’ is the cutest song of the lot. I was very nervous while creating it because in terms of poetry and structure this is the most unconventional song of the album. But when I played it to my close friends, they loved it. So, this is also the song that made me very confident about my compositional skills. The inspiration behind this song is a girl that I fell for a few years ago. She had this habit of saying ‘Bhapp’ when teased or irritated. And I used to love making her say this as many times as possible. Also, this song is my little tribute to Gulzar Saab who has had a very strong impact on my work. This album was impossible without the support and guidance of my childhood friend and amazing musician Siddharth Pandit. The sensibility that he has brought into the arrangement of the songs has taken this album to another level.”

About Alok Ranjan Srivastava

Alok is a lyricist and poet prominently collaborating with new age musicians in Mumbai. After working in an advertising company for almost 6 years, Alok decided to leave it all behind and chase his decade old passion of songwriting and poetry. Some of his prominent projects are Azaad Sangeet S1 & S2 (2019 – 2021), Kota Factory S2 (2021), Modern Love: Mumbai (2022) and Faraaz (2023). After working for more than 4 years as a lyricist, Alok is now releasing his independent album ‘Ishq Mein’, in which he is debuting as a Music Composer and a Singer. The album consists of 4 songs which are very personal to him, and he had no plans of releasing them initially. However, he later realized that releasing them is the right thing to do. In his words ‘once a piece of art is created, it doesn’t belong to the creator anymore and the creator has no right to contain it. It belongs to the universe and must be set free’. The album is called ‘Ishq Mein’ because it consists of songs that were created while being in love. The four songs are dedicated to the 4 special people that came into the artist’s life. This has been an important year for Alok, as more than 20 of his songs from different albums have been released this year. Also, next year is arriving with another important project, Amazon Prime’s Bandish Bandits 2.

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