Akshath’s ‘Gumshuda’ with BGBNG brings ethereal soundscapes and groovy beats

Mumbai, 9th August 2023: Akshath Acharya has released his latest track ‘Gumshuda’ with BGBNG. This Indie pop tune is one of the smoothest and silkiest track that you’re going to want on your playlists.

Watch the song here:

Talking about the song he says, “It is a song that makes you fall in love all over again. This is the perfect song for a road trip and is all about a longing to be lost with someone in their own little world”. This romantic song is composed and produced by the Indie Pop Sensation Akshath, carried by his signature style of ethereal soundscapes and groovy beats.

About Akshath Acharya

Akshath Acharya is a 23-year-old talent hailing from Mumbai. This young artist has taken the music creator realm by storm, amassing 50 million+ views on Instagram. Akshath’s journey began when his talent went viral, propelling him to explore his abilities as a songwriter and producer. With a string of releases this year, Akshath is carving his niche in the Indie-pop domain and achieving extraordinary milestones. Akshath firmly believes that the Indian Indie-pop space is yearning for a missing ingredient, one he is here to introduce through heartfelt songwriting and cutting-edge music production.

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