After Kheench Maari, Raga releases a four track EP ‘Midtown Madness’ with Def Jam India

Mumbai, 12th February 2024: After the success of Kheench Maari, Def Jam Recordings India has released Raga’s EP, “Midtown Madness”. This electric EP promises an adrenaline-fueled voyage through Delhi’s streets.

Watch ‘Speed 206’ visualiser here:

“Midtown Madness” is a four-track EP that showcases Raga’s unparalleled lyricism and captivating delivery. From the trailblazing lead single “Kheench Maari” which was released last year to the hard-hitting tracks such as “Mastikhor” which serve as a backdrop to Raga’s unapologetic narrative, tackling themes of struggle, survival, and self-expression featuring Ikka. “Sir Kholkar” delves deeper into his world, offering listeners a glimpse into the complexities of his psyche and his innermost thoughts, struggles, navigating the treacherous terrain of fame, fortune, and personal demons. Teaming up with American-Pakistani emcee Bandzo3rd and “Speed 206” serves as the EP’s grand finale, a tour de force of lyrical dexterity and sonic innovation with the blistering speed and ferocious intensity, Raga and DG Immortals deliver a masterclass in rap, leaving listeners breathless and hungry for more.

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Raga expresses, “To me, ‘Midtown Madness’ is an EP that depicts the crazy street life that I have seen around me. A memoir of what many around me see as entertainment and reclaiming power in their lives. I am not glorifying the lifestyle but hoping that people use my music to channel their rage instead of truly exercising this lifestyle. I am sure people from across the world will resonate with it because there is a version of this life around them. I am really happy to see the initial reactions of the listeners and I can’t wait for them to watch the music video which will be out soon!”.

Watch ‘Sir Kholkar’ visualiser here:

The lead single “Kheench Maari” has already taken the Indian rap scene by storm, amassing millions of streams and earning critical acclaim. Produced by underground Indian Hip-Hop producer Nitin Randhawa, “Kheench Maari” features Raga alongside DG Immortals in a display of unmatched chemistry and raw talent. The track’s provocative lyrics and infectious beats have solidified its place as a modern rap anthem, further propelling Raga into the spotlight as one of India’s most promising talents.

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