Abhibyanjana releases her new single “Shampoo Bottle” across all the major streaming platforms

Mumbai, 7th January 2022: Abhibyanjana is a 23-year-old, indie singer-songwriter from Gangtok. Primarily a guitarist, she started writing songs as a teenager. There is no fixed disposition that one can attach to Abhibyanjana’s music. Drawing inspiration from genres like indie-rock, alt-rock, indie-pop, and blues, her music is a galvanisation and a reflection of her ever-evolving taste.

With her new release, “Shampoo Bottle”, she has delved into transitional sensitivities to make it an experiential song. Speaking about the song, Abhibyanjana said, “While the song was written as an acoustic ballad, during the production process, we decided to make it a bit more playful. The inspiration was always clear for this one, incorporating a bit of synth-pop elements with a neo-soul mood, we created Shampoo Bottle. Artists like Soda Island and Raveena inspired the production elements while at the same time we retained the original flow and tempo of the acoustic draft”.

Check the song out and immerse yourselves into this experience, “Shampoo Bottle”!

Song Title: Shampoo Bottle
Release Date: 7th January 2022
Artist: Abhibyanjana R. Thatal
Production: Tapanjyoti Phukan
Mixing Engineer: Rahul Rabha
Cover Art by Abha Patil

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