Aaryan Banthia’s ‘Tera Mera’ is a melodic ode to everlasting love

Mumbai, 20th February 2024: Indian singer-guitarist Aaryan Banthia, known for his singles like ‘Yeh Naina’ and ‘Tere Bin,’ has released his latest track, ‘Tera Mera’. The song, a beautiful blend of Hindi and English, delves into themes of love, romance, and unwavering commitment.

“Tera Mera” is a heartfelt composition that explores the depths of love, emphasizing the importance of standing by each other through thick and thin. Written, composed, and performed by Aaryan Banthia, the song is a testament to his musical prowess and ability to connect with audiences on a profound level.

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Aaryan Banthia draws inspiration from music icons like Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, Dire Straits, and John Mayer, all known for their exceptional love songs. “Tera Mera” is a reflection of this influence and showcases Aaryan’s commitment to crafting soul-stirring and relatable music.

Aaryan Banthia, with previous hits such as ‘Yeh Naina’ and ‘Tere Bin,’ both surpassing 3 million views on YouTube, continues to captivate global audiences. “Tera Mera” is poised to be another milestone in his musical journey.

The song combines soulful vocal melodies with mellow guitar licks, creating a journey of undeniable connection, devotion, and passion. Aaryan effortlessly weaves expressive harmonies and innovative sonic elements, resulting in a powerful, empathetic, and catchy track.

In Aaryan’s own words, ” ‘Tera Mera’ is more than a song; it’s an emotional journey that captures the essence of enduring love.”

About Aaryan Banthia

Aaryan Banthia is a multifaceted artist – a Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer, Record Producer, and Live Performer. His versatility extends to singing and composing in both Hindi and English, resonating deeply with the youth of India and beyond. Aaryan’s original compositions like ‘Yaadein,’ ‘Tere Bin,’ and ‘Yeh Naina’ have garnered him a global fan base. His covers, ranging from Shafqat Amanat Ali to Bryan Adams and ED Sheeran, showcase his exceptional vocal range.

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