2022 Grammy® Award-Winner Falu Announces India Tour

Since her historic win in the Best Children’s Album category at the Grammy®s, Falu has represented India at the White House, continued her philanthropy as a Grammy® district advocate as well as been honoured by New York’s City Council

She will be launching her India Tour in December which will see the celebrated musician play in the artistic hubs of Mumbai, Pune and Goa

Mumbai, 5th December, 2022: Grammy® Award-winner Falu Shah aka Falu is going to be playing her first India tour since she made history by receiving the prestigious gramophone for the Best Children’s Album (A Colorful World) earlier this year. Her victory is momentous because it marks the first time that an Indian woman — born, raised and musically trained in India — has won a Grammy® in this category. Falu was also the only South Asian to be nominated in this category at the 64th Annual Grammy® Awards. This win propelled Falu, whose forte is Indian classical and folk music, to become the global voice of Indian heritage after having secured a Grammy® nomination previously in 2019 for her kids’ album Falu’s Bazaar. This December, the Grammy® winner returns to her motherland to launch her highly-anticipated India Tour.

Photo Credit to Samip Gandhi

Spanning three cities — Mumbai, Pune and Goa — Falu’s India tour will see the incredible artist play in venues across the country that encompass the metropolis’ culture as well as heartbeat. From antisocial in Mumbai and High Spirits in Pune to Reggae Haven in Goa, Falu will bring her signature combination of Indian classical music and new-age as well as western styles to present a musical experience like no other. She will be supported by distinguished poet Nirmika Singh in Mumbai and Pune. Passionate audiences, who’ve watched the artist perform at the 2022 Grammy® Awards, as well as the White House, Carnegie Hall, Hollywood Bowl, Lincoln Center and more, as well as new listeners, will be in for a surprise when they attend Falu’s immersive India tour.

Photo Credit to Samip Gandhi

About her India Tour, Falu says, “I am truly humbled and excited to come back home and share my music with my fellow Indians. You all have loved, nurtured and supported me throughout my musical journey. Hence, it’s incredibly special for me to perform in India. It will be my first time performing in Mumbai, Pune and Goa, and I would love for people to experience the nostalgia with me as I find myself at home on stage in India. My band and I are preparing a special set just for the audience in India. I’m looking forward to playing on my motherland’s soil and meeting you all in person!”.

Falu winning the Grammy® Award earlier this year heralded a new wave of celebration of South Asian culture. She has particularly been recognised in the U.S. for her contributions to the performing arts, for representing the arts of India and for fostering harmony around the world. Her non-children’s albums, Falu, Foras Road and Someday (with her band Karyshma) too have made an indelible impact on the world. Falu’s eponymous debut album was even featured in the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History’s Beyond Bollywood exhibit as representative of the voice of Indian American trendsetting artists. Falu also counts iconic musicians as collaborators such as A.R. Rahman, Yo-Yo Ma, Ricky Martin, Wyclef Jean and more. Since winning the Grammy®, Falu returned to the White House (this time around for the illustrious Diwali party) and has received several honours in the U.S. Over the year, the artist has been bestowed with a Citation at New York City’s Mayor’s Diwali celebration, a Proclamation from the New York City Council, as well as a call to perform and teach for Carnegie Hall’s Sing Sing Prison Program, among others. The celebrated artist, who has represented and nurtured Indian arts and culture globally, is finally heading home and will kickstart her India tour in her hometown, the city that never sleeps, Mumbai.

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