14 year old prodigy, Jehaan, is back with his second single, “Sing Myself to Sleep”!

Mumbai, 1st August 2022: 14 year old Jehaan has been hailed as a prodigy by many, although it makes him really uncomfortable to be labelled like that. An academic topper (or “nerd” as he calls himself) as well as an award-winning pianist & dramatist and elocutionist, his real passion is making his own music. He says he’s awful at time management and absent minded and dreamy.

Watch the song here:

At 13, he released his first ever original song “Lettin You Go”, which he wrote the lyrics of and composed the music for, as well as sang. It was a huge achievement for a young teen.

He thought it was a modest beginning, since he felt he “pretty much sounded like a frog” with a typically cracking young boy’s voice.

That voice is somewhat less unwieldy now – a year and a few months later –  and unexpectedly deep and rich in timbre, so that the baby face belies the maturity of both sound and performance. People ask repeatedly whether that is really his voice!!

His second original song “Sing Myself to Sleep” is about teen heartbreak and how putting on a brave face and trying to be practical might fool others but not ourselves.  He has written it, composed the music for it, played the piano in it and of course sung it.  There’s also what he calls a “slightly cringe” video, where he was compelled to hold good his promise to fans that he would actually be in the video this time.

Check the song out and also his previous work, you will be amazed to see the talent at display! We are really looking forward to great things from this talented young man – who looks like he might be the heartbreaker in years to come!

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