A Musical Magic called Lucky Ali

A Musical Magic Called Lucky Ali

Being a music enthusiast myself I’ve always been deeply attached to this magical entity in all ways possible. I’ve sang, heard, enjoyed, also wooed girls (obviously) and always felt a strong connection with music right through my college days. Like every teenager, or rather a music maniac, I too have been inspired by many artists, but that one artist who managed to make a real big impact in my life will always remain to be the rugged man with a golden voice Lucky Ali. He has been more than just another musician or singer, this amazing personality has managed to inspire an entire era. So, when I got an opportunity to witness this musical magician in a live concert, I couldn’t help but be there for it, to be a part of the extravaganza.

The Main Event- Watching Lucky Alive LIVE!

So, there it was, the D day. I knew this 29th March was going to be different, it was going to be a dream come true. Mumbai’s High Street Phoenix was where the main event organised by team Awestrung was scheduled to take place, an event that I was eagerly waiting for since quite some time.

Now, even though I am a huge fan, it was my task to review the nitty gritty of the event, and hence, this review of the main event is going to be as viewer, music critic and an event analyst on Awestrung ft. Lucky Ali and Rang that took place on the 29th of March 2016.

My Review Of The Main Event

The opening act was performed by band Rang which consisted of Ronit Chaterji singing the vocals Arjun Nair on Guitar/Vocals, Ajay Menon on Bass Guitar, Shishir Thakur aka Tao on Drums/Percussion, Amandeep Singh as Lead Guitarist/Fx/Vocals and lastly Ralcus Aguiaras on Rhythm Guitar and Vocals. All in all, the line up looked pretty impressive and gave a good head-start to the event.

Also, I’d like to add that, even though Rang was playing original compositions, their lyrics lacked the soul. The crowd was expecting more and only came to life when the band started playing some Bollywood medleys of famous A.R Rahman songs like Humma, Urvashi and Kehna hi kya to name a few. Bollywood certainly has its fan and has an impact almost everywhere in India. And a major reason why the audience probably couldn’t soak in the original compositions of Rang was because of their lack of exposure in mainstream music scene, which is the story of many good bands in our country.

Even after a comparatively slower start, they did manage to pick up the tempo towards the end and entertained the crowd for about an hour or so. And now was the time for the thing I’d been waiting for, “The Lucky Ali Show†.

The Lucky Ali Show

The thought of watching Lucky Ali perform live had got the crowd all excited and pumped up. The mere energy of the entire place underwent a sudden and drastic change as soon as the man of the moment appeared on the stage. His presence had electrified the crowd so much so that he wasn’t even audible for the first few seconds. But as he carried himself on the stage with sheer panache, the frenzy seemed to settle down and before I knew, I was on a musical journey with Lucky Ali.

All of a sudden, his songs, his voice brought back a whole bunch of memories and nostalgic started sinking in. The entire crowd was sort of spell bound and each one of us at the concert were in our own happy space, each one enjoying the timeless classics we grew up with.

A majority of Ali’s songs were a mainstream success and the lyrics made a home in our hearts, which is also one of the reasons why the audience could sing those songs and be a part of this magical moment. Overall the performance was full of energy that kept the audience enchanted and gave them their moments of emotions and madness.

Team Awestrung indeed managed to pull off a great event that wasn’t just planned well, but was also executed to the tee as per the international standards. Right from crowd management to the venue selection, each aspect of this event was taken care of. On the contrary, the one thing that could’ve made this gala even better would be better sound and acoustics. Both these aspects as every music lover would know, plays a very important part in the success of any musical event. Other than this, the gala did deliver what it promised in their promotions, “Journey to the memory lane†. It indeed took us down the memory lane, to the Lucky Ali era which was, is, and will always be one of my most favourite times ever.

The show wasn’t just successful, but was magnificent, soulful and magical because of the musical magic called Lucky Ali!

– Princey Wilkins and Deepak D.
Photo Credits: Awestrung Team

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