‘Squeaky Clean’ by Peekay is a fun filled, nostalgia, taking you back in time!

Mumbai, 25th November 2022: Peekay has recently released her new track ‘Squeaky Clean’, a fun filled, nostalgic song that takes you back in time.

Talking about the song she said, “The song features a photograph of my childhood home in Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – taken in 1981 when rocks were untouched and the house – fresh. Superimposed over this is a photograph of me sittig in the same spot in the garden 41 years later!”.

Watch the song here:

One of the striking features of this song is its concept video. The treatment of this music video is reminiscent of an 80’s or 90’s vibe and aims to instil a feeling of nostalgia in the viewers from those decades. A time which was largely more innocent than the time we live in now, filled with distractions and anxiety. Everyone would at some point desire to return to a time in everyone’s life where he or she was a child and would try to reset the clock for himself or herself. Talking about the video Peekay said, “The music video featured my best friend Isra and my producer Jonathan Edward, being child-like with me in the garden at my parents’ house. Isra and I have celebrated many birthdays of mine in that garden, pranced around, run around and been innocent little children together”.

This song brings some amazing collaborations together. Talking about them she says, “Since I am a huge fan of artist collaborations, for this concept video I tied up with fashion design house ‘Whencut Goddamm’ who draped us in these limited edition fabrics and our looks were sytled by Cherabuddi”.

The crew of this video song have been engaged with Peekay for her previous videos too, ‘You Don’t Have To’ and ‘Sunshine On The Street’. Couchpotato and Peekay came together for this video shoot which has been directed by photographer and art director Prerna Kolluri.

Watch the song and enjoy your time!

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