“Mukaddar”, new song by Jhalli is about love and destiny!

Mumbai, 24th November 2022: Jhalli is a pop singer-songwriter-producer from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her new single release “Mukaddar” is about two people falling in love. She has written, composed and produced the entire track.

Stream the song here:

Jhalli wants us to pursue our destiny and find the relationships that are right for us. With Jhalli’s playful vocals and soulful composition the song is powerful, evoking a strong feeling about the concept of destiny. She doesn’t just want to tell you a story—she wants you to pass it on, too. These feelings inspired a song in which she focuses on the coincidences that bring two soulmates together.

It also emphasises the little juxtapositions in a relationship – how the things that drive you crazy are also the things you love the most, and how you could be polar opposites and still be best friends. Jhalli displays potent lyricism, varied pop sounds, uniquely expressing the idea of destiny that we all can relate to. It reflects on how when you find someone who loves you just the way you are it almost feels like divine intervention.

Mukaddar is an unabashed love song about how destiny brings together people meant for each other. True love is enough to break down our cynical walls into joyful wonder.

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